The Finefair Approach To Guaranteed Rent Is Being Adopted Nationwide

As the trusted name for all property services in London, Finefair take pride in their approach to guaranteed rent being used in other areas

Finefair, the leading name for London property services, has noted with a great deal of pride that one of their key initiatives is being adopted nationwide. A number of councils and municipalities across the UK are seeking to offer guaranteed rent agreements to property owners as a feature of council leasing agreements. Finefair was at the forefront of introducing this approach to the London Boroughs. The company believes that the success experienced with it can be measured in the wider level of adoption.

In recent weeks a number of councils have announced the establishment of guaranteed rent services. Canterbury and Chelmsford are notable examples, with both specifically reaching out to "Buy 2 Let" investors seeking secured returns. The service is advantageous for all parties involved. For councils pressure is eased in meeting social housing requirements, whereas property owners benefit from a stable yield return.

Finefair are delighted to see their approach being adopted so successfully. For over ten years they have ensured the same high level benefits are available to London property owners. The success achieved has seen the company appointed as a preferred supplier to 31 of the London Boroughs. At present Finefair manages a consolidated property portfolio valued in excess of £500million on behalf of owners and investors in London.

The success of Finefair's guaranteed rent services in London is clearly reflected by the adoption of the approach across the country. In meeting the requirements of regional authorities with respect to social housing needs, the Finefair approach presents a beneficial and successful way for property owners to reach the set targets. The guaranteed rent system offers a rare, if not unique, opportunity for property owners to both gain the financial returns expected and contribute in a positive way to the community.

With potentially volatile conditions being a factor to consider with regards to all forms of investment property owners are looking to make their yields as stable and secure as possible. The guaranteed rent agreements Finefair provide are designed to deliver this. For investors holding a property portfolio in London Finefair is the name known and trusted for professional management and perfect returns.

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Oct 17, 2016