The Importance of Email Marketing for your business promotion !

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Whenever I receive a promotion email from products or services that I have availed, I tend to just ignore them because they are basically advertisements but in email form. However, I definitely miss out on a lot of discounts and promos because of that. Receiving these emails may take up a lot of space. However, they are effective in more ways than one.

Email marketing is a type of marketing under digital marketing (digital marketing training) that started way before the rise of social media and other recent kinds of digital marketing. Mass emails started in the 20th century before everything became instant. This lead to a realization in the marketing industry that sending emails that contain advertisements is a great way to promote a business’s product or services. But it wasn’t until the early 2000s when emails started to become a necessity for businesses.

This kind of digital marketing is the sending of any commercial message through email. For those who have received emails from businesses promoting their products or services, then they have been exposed to email marketing. As long as the message is sent to a potential customer, then it is considered email marketing. After all, there will most likely be customers who would actually be interested in becoming a customer because of the ads and sales letters emailed to them.

In email marketing, businesses typically send advertisements of their products or services that they offer, solicits or donations for a certain cause, and request business transactions. I have received and send an endless amount of these emails as a consumer and as a business owner. As a consumer, I receive a lot of promotion emails such as discounts for different services, company updates, and even new products that a company is releasing. On the other hand, as a business owner, I have sent all of the above as well as solicits and donations for causes that the company cares about. It is an effective way to build loyalty and trust between customers and businesses.

Through email marketing, customers are encouraged to check out any of the products and services included in the email. It is a lot easier and faster than handing out physical flyers and posters because they are instant and they do not cost money. No printing is required and emails reach a wider audience. Back then, not a lot of people had emails so it would not be as successful. But now that it is a necessity to have an email account to do daily transactions, email marketing is one of the most effective types of digital marketing today.

Although it is easy to just ignore these emails, people should not immediately delete them and give these messages a read. Not only do they include promos and discounts, but they also encourage a good relationship between businesses and customers. To continue the relationship, a business must keep updating their customers about anything new that will be released and if there are any changes in their company. With that, email marketing is one of the many online marketing strategies that is still a necessary type of marketing for all businesses who aim to become a success. 

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