The Leader of Scaffolding: South End Scaffold

South End Scaffolding is renowned name in the scaffolding manufacturing industry.They are the suppliers of all Kwikstage and Self-lock Scaffolding platforms in Cape Town.

The leading manufacturer and supplier of scaffolding materials in Cape Town, South End Scaffolding has become one of the biggest names that construction companies in South Africa frequently turn to. Aside from being the suppliers of Kwikstage and self-lock scaffolding platforms, they manufacture a wide range of things which include: scaffolding equipment, scaffold accessories, formwork and access ladders. Base jacks and heavy duty prop are recent additions to their stock list. And items which are not part of stock are manufactured on request from clients. Let’s go a bit into the details of the items manufactured by South End Scaffolding:

Kwikstage Scaffold: This is the most commonly used kind of scaffold as far as construction is concerned, and it has the strength required for industrial purposes. It can support decking systems of any kind in almost every kind of job application, and its design is modular in nature. That is, the boards can be attached to any surface with the help of hooks. They are also very easy to mantle and dismantle.

Self-lock Scaffolding: Owing to the quickness, with which these can be assembled and mobilised, these are a hot favourite with all the contractors. The frames, from which these are constructed, are very light-weight and hence can be easily managed. These are usually used for electrical, building maintenance and decoration work. They adhere to strict safety standards and are hence extremely reliable.

Knee Braces/Couplers: These are scaffolding accessories, generally used to stabilise the bases of self-lock towers.

Heavy-duty Props: These are manufactured in keeping with the provisions of SABS, which means it adheres to European and British standards. These are meant to bear a load which is up to 39 KN.

Ladder Beams: These are used to span across access openings, for e.g. walkways, roads and parking entrances.

So, in short, above are a few of the things that are on offer at the stores of South End Scaffolding. They manufacture things which are reliable, strong and in accordance with the provisions, which are laid down by the S.A.B.S standards. Hence, it is not really difficult to see why they are at the peak of their popularity.  And the fact that the products are sold to people at their best price, does not hurt either. If you’re interested, here’s more at

Set up by Gerhard Saaiman back in 2011, it quickly grew from a small scaffolding manufacturing enterprise to one of the biggest scaffold firms in South Africa. They export their products all over Africa and Europe, and they have recent added mining companies to their list of clients.


Unit 1, 17 Nourse Avenue, Epping 2, Cape Town,

7460, South Africa, Western Cape 

Tel: 0218209944

Fax: 0866045212

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South End Scaffolding

Unit 1, 17 Nourse Avenue, Epping 2, Cape Town
Western Cape
South Africa
Phone : 0218209944
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Jul 12, 2016