The Mausoleum-A Dignified Place Of Eternal Rest

UK Memorial Service Meet The Requirements Of Providing Multiple Casket Mausoleums

For reasons related to beliefs, custom, society and matters of practicality, many around the world want a mausoleum to be the final resting place for both loved ones and themselves. It is with honour and pride that, for several years, UK Memorial Service has met the requirements in place for the provision of them. In combining the finest of materials with the skill and craft of Britain's finest masons and artisans, UK Memorial Service build the most befitting and resilient of mausoleum to order, with the ability to have them presented at any location around the world.

Whilst societies and cultures around the world have several differences in respect of funeral and memorial services, ways in which respects and remembrance are paid to the deceased stand as being common to all. One of these ways is in using a mausoleum as a final resting place. Mausoleums are one of the oldest means for burial in human history, with different civilisations over time all showing a preference for this method. This preference for above ground entombment is usually related to the beliefs and customs of societies. In Italy, for instance, burial above ground in a mausoleum is viewed as essential to allow a soul to travel to heaven. In areas of China, however, a higher, above ground level positioning of burial is used to signify the prominence and importance of the deceased.

In all cases, UK Memorial Service understand and, most importantly, respect the importance placed on burials in mausoleums around the world. Outside of any cultural or belief significance, mausoleums are important also as they allow families and related people to be laid to rest together for eternity. For these reasons, mausoleum must be constructed with great compassion and skill, and be designed to be durable and long standing at the location selected as a final resting place. To meet this our artisans and masons create and craft mausoleums from solid granite rather than using cladding. The quality of the granite available in the UK, coupled with our skilled abilities, ensures that the mausoleums UK Memorial Service present are done so to perfection.

With over 30 years of experience in creating mausoleums to order - mausoleums capable of holding up to 12 American sized caskets - our help, service and provision of these memorials is sought after and highly regarded around the world. It is with distinction and with honour that we supply the finest in British design and construction to those around the world who wish to have a mausoleum in place as a place of final, eternal rest.

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The Mausoleum - A Dignified Place Of Eternal Rest

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Sep 11, 2014