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The Babor products are amazing. It provided 24 hour moisture because it contained pomegranate extract. If you think that having your skin return to its youthful state is not that important, then you must think again.

No one wants to wake up one day to notice that they are looking tired and sallow like my sister did.  She said she really did not notice the decline of her skin’s health until one morning she woke up and took a good look in the mirror with the window open.  Once she got a glimpse in real daylight, she was horrified!  She really thought she had taken with a sickness!  All this time she thought she could simply just cover up the changes with some concealer and some well-placed make-up.  She was wrong.  When others noticed, she knew it was time to do something about it.  Now she see, that visits to the doctor is not the answer.  After I told her about my moisturizer cream for my dry face she quickly wanted to buy moisturizer cream online.  

She was so anxious to get her product that she nearly stood by the front door waiting on that free delivery almost every day. As soon as it arrived, she applied it to her face, neck and décolleté.  She could not wait to see the results and she did not have to wait long.  We were both watching.  She would constantly ask me “How I look?”  I was happy to tell her that I was surely seeing improvement in her skin.  The old rosiness was coming back, the wrinkles were becoming less defined.  Even the sallow and sunken look had measurably decreased.  At one point I asked her did she change her makeup too because the one she was wearing looked more natural than the one she used to wear.  She told me that she was not wearing makeup that day!  I was in true amazement and she was too.  How could a moisturizer cream for your face make such a big difference?  I think this company has managed to harness the right combination of ingredients and formulate them in such a way that the skin will absorb them deeply. Whatever it is, I recommend that every woman take the opportunity to put her best face forward and order this moisturizer.  So take the chance to look better and feel better.  My sister did and her only regret was not knowing about this sooner.  On her next checkup the doctor asked her had she started taking new vitamins.  She was happy to tell him that she had only started moisturizing her face the right way.


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Babor is a well known name in the professional skincare and beauty regimen industry. The company manufactures different kinds of products for skin care and beauty care. Established in 1956, the company has been a pioneer in offering skincare and beauty ca

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Jan 30, 2017