The perfect winter coat for you and how to find it

A winter coat is one of the largest annual purchases, and the perfect time to start searching for "the one" before it gets too cold and the best pieces get sold.



A winter coat is one of the largest annual purchases, and the perfect time to start searching for "the one" before it gets too cold and the best pieces get sold.Dedicate part of your day for getting a clear idea what are you expecting from the coat. You know, a delightful long winter coat of velvet may seem like an excellent choice for the evening, but it's not that great on your snowy way to the job or for the weekend going to the supermarket.  Before you buy the perfect piece, try to answer yourself at few questions.

1. Which winter coat suits my body shape?

Large figures (tall and women with curves) will look best in simple, clear cut. They should avoid those models with double-breasted of thick material. Choose a model that looks good when worn unbuttoned.

Coats with a belt look good on skinny women and low, select one with a wide belt that will flatter the thicker waist.

All petite women should find coats cut for their height. The great winter coat will eat you, so please choose one over the length to just above the knee. Wear high boots with high heels at the same color as the coat and you will visually elongate your silhouette.

Very tall women should not fear to point out their virtues,  so the advice is to choose long coats, long all the way to the ankles. That way, they will look impressive, but before purchase, make sure that the sleeves are not too short, or they would look like you've outgrown your coat.

2. Which winter coat suits my lifestyle?


Think about what you wear under your coat and when you wear it - traveling for business, coming out, or on the weekend? Choose the suitable length according to your lifestyle. Length halfway thighs will look good with skirts and pants.If you spend too much time out there (for example, if your job demands it), you may pick a warm winter jacket rather than the fine wool coat. Or if you prefer comfortable jeans and a flannel shirt, then you will suit the rustic wool coat with wooden buttons.

Always make sure that the sleeve has enough space to fit blazer/jacket (if you have to wear a suit to work), or thicker sweater.  There is nothing uglier than when the sweater's sleeve wrinkle around your elbow, under the coat. Sure, it is important that you can easily raise your hands.

3. Classic or trendy?

If you plan to wear your winter coat several seasons, avoid a style that is too trendy. A classic coat with single or double-breasted will do nicely. To get more from your investment, choose those that have a hood or collar that can be removed or added as needed. If you have enough money as we have suggested, you can buy two. One classic and the other shall be a set jacket, more practical for weekend walks and casual dress. Long coats to the knee are more suitable for business and evening variants.



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May 31, 2017