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The world is becoming a vast plantation where people are becoming more like serfs of old. The single company store on the plantation is the asset bubbles and price inflation we are experiencing that rob us silently. What is true wealth after all?

The BarefootBlogger is a website which promotes a dynamic balance between material and tangible wealth. True wealth is the foundation of a good life, and the material kind plays an important and secondary role. Health for example cannot be bought as the cliche goes, but money can buy quality food and supplements to gain and maintain it. Knowledge is invaluable in making the best choices and serves as a pivot point to balance the material and higher world, without which the equilibrium is lost and things go awry.  The BarefootBlogger is an open dialogue where we partake on a common path together.

Knowledge - Benjamin Franklin once remarked "It is hard for an empty sack to stand upright."  We are the sack and if it is not filled with useful knowledge, skills and a set of sound ethics we cannot stand tall on our own accord. It is an unpleasant place to be, where you are buffetted by the fickle winds all day.

Health and fitness - to take up the challenges the world throws up at us we must be robust physically and tough mentally.  To achieve this requires good nutrition and physical training, or else we will be filling that sack with a lot of lard. 1PlantarFasciitis (1PF) is an associated website which promotes a holistic way to staying fighting-fit.

Material wealth - the final component of the sack should be a suitable portion of material wealth. We must also not forget the next generation who will be facing an even harder and colder world, and provide them with a leg-up and a degree of security. 1KaratbarsGold is another associated website to promote saving real money, the kind that cannot be printed or conjured out of thin air.  Children may also begin to save small amounts of gold regularly in their own name, to cultivate this good habit while embarking on their education in economics.

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The BarefootBlogger promotes a balance between material and intangible wealth. True wealth is the foundation of a good life, and the material kind plays an important but secondary role. Knowledge, skills and health are higher forms of wealth we should asp

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Jul 03, 2014

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