Three Kinds of Data That You Should Protect on Your Smartphone

Smartphones have become an important part of our life, we are heavily relying on them. How we used to live before their invention is no longer a pleasant memory. But, these smartphones need protection if we want them to use effectively.

Press Release - Aug 18, 2015 ( - Smartphones are an easy target for online criminals and other sort of data thieves. These intelligent phones have become an essential part of our life. We cannot imagine to live without these smartphones. We are heavily dependent on these phones, we surf the internet through these devices, we socialize with these phones, we use it to contact people, we use our smartphones for navigation and for a number of other purposes. How was our life before smartphones is now seems to be impossible. But, these smartphones contain our confidential information and can easily spit out all our records. Remember, incidents of data breach are getting more damaging and expensive with the passage of each day. Consequently, we need to protect them. There are some specific data that we need to carefully take care of, this data includes photos and videos, applications and contacts.

Securing Photos and Videos

You must have seen the news of some celebrities, who have become a victim of data leakage. Some of their indecent pictures were leaked and it ruled all the news headlines around the globe. Those leaked pictures were of well known celebrities, they had fame and people knew them. This is the reason why the news related to their leaked pictures become news headline. However, if your pictures are leaked, no one will come to know about it, not probably you yourself. You should take proper care of it, you must keep them locked and do not let anyone to access them. Your leaked pictures can be extremely damaging for you, you may not realize it now, but, when you will, it might have gotten too late.

Keeping Apps Locked

Smartphones have become an extended part of our body and soul. It reflects what you think, how you behave, your hobbies, your education and your overall personality. You might have online banking applications on your smartphone and you must be having a handful of social media apps on it. These sorts of applications can really leak out some important and confidential details about you. These details can easily be used by hackers and other criminals. Your details can be used for different mal purposes that can be extremely damaging for you. Consequently, you need to use a reliable app lock that can efficiently and effectively lock your apps with different techniques.

Secure Your Contacts

The contacts on your smartphone need protection, serious protection. The criminals of modern era exploit contact details of people with great effect. They make people their prey easily using different techniques when they have their contact details. For instance, if you lose your phone and your contacts get compromised, people in your circle might get some attractive offers via call or SMS. In real, these are not real deals or offers, these are just an attempt to fool you. They use different phishing techniques for you and if you are unaware of these techniques or irresponsible, you might end up being a victim. Thus, you should always keep your contacts locked diligently.

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Aug 18, 2015