Tips to Update Your Existing Living Into Modern Living

If you're planning to update your existing living into a modern living, consider a few new pieces of Cheap Bedroom Furniture or home ware from Annandale Interiors, Sydney.

Home renovations can be a messy and costly affair. For some of us, renovation may not be an option due to budget limitations or other factors. So how do you update your existing living into modern living? There are several easy tricks to change the appearance of your home without the renovation mess. These are simple tips to update your interiors and give them a modern look. Read on...

Update your home with window dressing

Look beyond those dated curtains hanging around your home. These days there are several window covering options that can transform your home from drab to fab. Consider using blinds instead of curtains. These are available in a variety of colours and styles to match your interiors. Changing the window coverings is a simple and cheap way to update your existing living room to a modern one.

A fresh coat of paint

With the passing years the existing paintwork becomes dull and boring to look at. A fresh coat of paint does the trick of enlivening the place in an inexpensive way. While you are at it, consider using bright colours on a few of the walls or to highlight a particular area. You might even move around items of furniture to change the appearance of the room.

Wallpaper it...

Some trendy wallpapers with modern designs and amazing graphics are now available in the market. They are easily affixed and removable as well. Some varieties are reusable too, so you can think of alternating them with the existing wallpapers after some time. Wallpapers help you update your home instantly without much work.

Change the light fixtures

One of the easiest ways to update your interior is to update the light fixtures. Electrical fittings and fixtures usually keep up with the times. Your existing light fixtures may now be outdated and need replacement. Go for the appealing modern designs that ensure bright lighting.

Spring clean to clear away the clutter
If you're not really looking to spend on refurbishing your home, just give it a nice clean-up. You might be amazed at just how neat your living space looks once the clutter and unwanted knick-knacks are out of the way. Perhaps, that was all that was needed to infuse a fresh appeal to your home. Embrace the minimalistic approach for a modern look.

If you're planning to update your existing living into a modern living, consider a few new pieces of Modern Furniture Store Online or home ware from Annandale Interiors, Sydney. Adding a touch of class to your home was never easier – just pick out a beautiful piece from the huge collection of Bedroom Furniture Accessories and traditional furniture from the catalogue at or get custom designed and made furniture for your home.

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