Top 10 Benefits of Sleeping With A Body Pillow

Body pillows have become increasingly popular over recent years especially for pregnant women and those with back and joint pain. But what ARE the benefits of using a full body pillow? Well, let us tell you!

Below is a list of the top 10 benefits of sleeping with a body pillow and why you should rush out and buy one straight away! If you don’t fancy hitting the shops then log on to and check out their selection of the 5 best body pillows on the market today, we promise you won’t be disappointed!

  1. A body pillow will allow you to sleep in different positions throughout the night whilst cradling your body at the same. This gives your body the vital support it needs and prevents you from tossing and turning too.
  2. A body pillow is designed to give support to both the hips and the shoulders. This is ideal for those who have wide shoulders who often wake with a sore neck.
  3. It aligns your spine. You may not know this but sleeping on your back or on your stomach actually causes damage to your spine, yikes! But lying on your side is the most natural and healthy way to sleep. Body pillows encourage the body to sleep in this position and therefore aid in re-aligning your spine too!
  4. Normal pillows can cause you to wake up in the mornings with a stiff neck. Sound familiar? This is not an issue with a body pillow! Their thick, curved design means your neck is supported efficiently and allows you to wake up with a smile instead of a crick.
  5. A U-Shaped body pillow will support all parts of your body including the knees, hips, chest, arms, shoulders, neck and head. If you have soreness in ANY of these areas then you should consider investing in a U-Shaped body pillow, you will quickly see the benefits, we promise!
  6. It doesn’t matter whether you DO decide to sleep on your back or on your stomach, a body pillow will support you no matter what. Although we do recommend at least trying to sleep on your side first!
  7. Muscle relaxation, healthier blood circulation, corrected breathing and reduced snoring too! The list doesn’t end!
  8. A full body pillow will also help with those who suffer from fibromyalgia as well as insomnia, arthritis AND headaches too.
  9. A full body pillows is perfect for pregnant women. It offers a peaceful night’s sleep and supports the whole body, specifically the chest and stomach area. You can also now purchase massage body pillows and heated body pillows too that are ideal for expectant mothers and women who suffer with PMS cramps.
  10. Many people find that after using a body pillow they no longer need the assistance of a chiropractor s their back muscles, joint and spine have naturally realigned. This means you save a TON of money too!

If you have read this list then I’m hoping you realize the benefits that having a body pillow in your life will create! If you are interested in purchasing a pillow and want to buy the best body pillow out there then log on to and look at their top choices of body pillow brands on the market today!

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Body pillows have become increasingly popular over recent years especially for pregnant women and those with back and joint pain.

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