Top 5 Wedding Makeup Tips For The Brides

If you are looking for wedding makeup tips and ticks, make sure to check them online.

If you are looking for  wedding makeup tips and ticks, make sure to check them online.

One of the most biggest and important events in a woman's life is her wedding. We all want to look best on our wedding. We have seen all disaster makeup, unnatural, overdone and not suitable for the bride's natural features and style.

Don’t move away too far

This means to stay within the bounds that suit you. If you are not a makeup wearer, then do not go overboard on your special day only will give you risk feeling uncomfortable, but your pair might not recognize you!


Wedding makeup is done mostly eighty percent face and twenty percent eyebrows and eyes. The airbrushing foundation will give you that flawless coverage that will not even look like makeup, just perfect gleaming skin - it's what all brides want and must have on her special day. Airbrushing is also one of the best technique of applying highlighting and contouring for wedding makeup, as it might give you seamless application. Airbrushing is also suitable for the neck, back, arms and breast, to give you that perfect look and its totally smudge proof.

False lashes.

One staple of all wedding makeup is false lashes, as they might really help you to complete the look. If the whole set is unappealing, then try mixing three or four individual lashes to the corner of the eye and then coat it with extra fullness mascara to make the eyes more alluring and open.


This little beauty secret might often get missed, but it is the key to a fuller pout and the beautiful wedding photos. You might have noticed in the magazines when they airbrush the images, one common thing they do is add a shine in the middle of the lips - this can make perfect pouty lips that look plump and bigger. This can be attained without photoshop, just by pressing some pearl eye shade in the center of the lip along with the lipstick. It might not be visible to the eye as a color, but can make the part of the lip reflective, offering the look of the stars in a magazine.


Contouring is really essential for wedding makeup in Adelaide, as it offers dimension to the face in photos. For brides, contour under cheeks, on the temples (gives a slim look )along either side of  the nose ( gives the thin  look) and jaw line giving definition and an illusion of slim features and fine bone pattern.

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If you are looking for wedding makeup tips and ticks, make sure to check them online.

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Nov 30, 2016