Top Calendar and Reminder Software for Business Efficient Calendar Network Released

Special for SME to share data, Efficient Calendar can manage to-do lists, calendar reminder, group management, one-touch search together for different users in organization to access/share/assign data at same time.

Just get the latest news from Efficient Software (a company for time management and shareware calendar software) that in order to convenient users, they release  Efficient Calendar Network 5.21 Build 522 desktop versionjust now!

Efficient Calendar is a cross-platform and easy-to-use scheduler, planner and reminder  which allows you manage time both on PCs and mobile phones. Multiple calendar views, such  as Day, Week, Month and Year views as well as list view are available so you can better  arrange and track your also can help business groups with its network version to  center manage whole data, share/assign records among users, with it, users can work jointly  and improve efficiency and get organized easily!

"In this upgrade, the technique team of Efficient Software has made a lot of improvements",    says the CEO Mr Paul. "Such as to gain good user experiences, a progress tool bar is   added/shown when users operate(select/delete/set) a lot of records at one time, so  that  they will clearly check the progress, instead of worrying how is the operation going  now!  Even software printing function is highly improved as well, users can copy pictures  and  content directly from website and paste into software, all data show correctly and  users  can directly print them out easily; Spelling Checker is added to software (many users  have  requested this before), When users write content in Diary, Notes, Comments fields,   software will auto mark wrong words with underlined red squiggles. Moreover, users can sync   data via mobile hot spot, with it, users can enjoy sync function more conveniently ..." 

"Besides improvements, many bugs are fixed as well. Such as software fails to detect the   current date and time in Today Module if software runs consecutive days without exit;   Custom Fields in Contacts can not been shown out in previous upgrades ..." Paul adds.

"Although this is a maintenance release, everyone of Efficient Software team has tried his   best to do for the sincerely users in requirements generating, analysis, software test,   latest feedback following and so on. Even good news that to sincerely thanks for our users'   support, we are focusing on a new version developing now (which is planned to come in   months, confidently, it will be more powerful than current version, kindly focus Efficient   Software's official website for latest news )", Finally Paul says.

More About Efficient Calendar:

Efficient Calendar has Free edition, Pro and Network for different applications.It  works  on all Windows Operating Systems PC/computers(including Windows 8/7/XP/Vista/10),   iPhone/iPad, Android devices and sync data freely. The Android/iOS app is totally freely.   With more than 40+ languages and excellent interfaces, it is popular in 176+ countries




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Founded in 2005, Efficient Software is mainly in PIM software for individuals and businesses to create high-quality products to satisfy the needs of every person to become efficient and successful.

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Jun 20, 2016