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Offers quality translation services to people all over the world to help them reach their full potential.

HQ-Translators ( is thrilled to inform everyone about their legal translation services.


HQ-Translators understands that mistranslated legal documents could lead to lawsuits and huge loss of money. To avoid this from happening, they make sure that all of the translated legal documents they produce are high quality and free from errors. HQ-Translators can translate various kinds of legal documents such as business contracts, birth certificates, compliance documentations, and many more.


The people from HQ-Translators are proficient in translating legal documents into various languages, including Spanish, Italian, German, Greek, Portuguese, French, and many more. To make sure that they can provide reliable services and flawless outputs all the time, HQ-Translators only employs highly trained and fluent translators. According to them, “What truly makes a company is its team and we are proud to say that we boast one of the best team of linguists in the world. Each member of our crew holds a diploma in translation or interpretation and has between 5 and 11 years of experience in their specialised field. Our linguists also work only into their mother tongue and live in their native target country of translation or interpretation. Professional, reliable, honest and experienced, our team will not let you down”.


The price of the services of HQ-Translators will depend on different factors, such as deadlines, volumes, language pairs, and more. Nevertheless, they made their service rates cost-effective and flexible so that clients can make the most of their money. HQ-Translators do not even charge for words that get repeated in the documents. Moreover, the services of HQ-Translators are much cheaper compared to other translation agencies since they do not subcontract projects with third parties.


In order to give clients an idea of how they work, HQ-Translators can provide a quotation and a free sample upon request.


Aside from legal documents, HQ-Translators can work on other kinds of documents as well, such as medical, financial, technical, and a lot more. To see their complete list of services, log on to their official website at



About HQ-Translators


HQ- Translators is a company that offers quality translation services to people all over the world to help them reach their full potential. For many years, they have experienced working with different companies, institutions, organisations, and government sectors. Aside from translating, they can also help in proofreading, editing, and interpreting documents. If you are interested in availing of their services, there are different ways to get in touch with them. You can send your queries and suggestions to their email address, Alternatively, you can speak to one of their representatives by calling (00 237) 242 71 38 38. For more details, go to their website at

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HQ-Translators offers professional translation services to clients from Africa, Europe, and America. This company is composed of linguists based in different parts of the world and translates only into their native language.

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Apr 18, 2017