Travis Hetherington Launches Fund Raising Campaign on GoFundMe to Have a Shelter Again

For the purpose of hiring someone who knows it all about how to fight against the illegal evacuation of family from leased home

While the trans-national corporations are driven by the profit-making agenda, they make an attempt to put an end to anything that stands as impediment stopping them from making their goal successful. That is what exactly happened with Travis Hetherington, Lyndal Bathurst and their little boy Liam who is just about to turn 2. After being illegally forced to go out of the home by Renegade Real Estate, they take the bid to launch a fund raising campaign on GoFundMe for the purpose of having a helping hand. After being entrapped into a lease in the home with a new born, it took 6 months for them to clean the house and make it presentable. The situation became even more complex when the real estate firm acted illegally for the purpose of forcing them to leave the home so that they can retain a large investor before the owner even gets to know about it. While the real estate is well aware of the academically challenged of Travis, they are also making an attempt to make a good use of their lack of his lack of knowledge. They have reached out to Coronis Forest Lake senior manager Sarah Heke who is in charge of the entire matter and Andrew Coronis as well.

However, Sarah Heke replied on Tuesday that the keys were to be returned and that she will be applying for a warrant for the purpose of repossession of the house. When every attempt seems to go in vain, Travis has created the goal of $10 which can help them to hire someone who has enough knowledge of everything and can direct them in right direction.

Even though they have always paid at least $5 extra every week, and has taken the bid to make home better than the condition it was in during the initial stage, they are exhausted to have faced so much consequence of not agreeing with the Renegade Real Estate. With $10 being the goal of the campaign, they are looking forward to have a shelter and good life as soon as possible.

About Corporation Bleeding Us Dry:
Corporation Bleeding Us Dry is a fund raising campaign launched by Travis Hetherington who was forced to move out of his home with his family.

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Corporation Bleeding Us Dry
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For the purpose of hiring someone who knows it all about how to fight against the illegal evacuation of family from leased home, Travis Hetherington launches fund raising campaign on GoFundMe.

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Corporation Bleeding Us Dry

P.O. Box 1699
Phone : 0481 334 340
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Sep 15, 2016

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