Trump Alternative Facts Policy Makes Rikki Lee Travolta Band Most Popular in History

Thanks to Trumps Alternative Facts Policy, Rikki Lee Travolta band able to claim unparalleled fame in quest to open for Bon Jovi’s March Chicago tour date.


CHICAGO (January 30, 2017) The band Angels of Mercy, fronted by Rikki Lee Travolta and Joseph Broman, is in contention to open for Bon Jovi’s Chicago March 26, 2017 tour date as a participant in the Bon Jovi Opening Act Contest.


Thanks to the new Donald Trump Alternative Facts Policy, the band is able to claim that they have received more votes than in any contest ever, similar to how Donald Trump claims to have had the biggest inauguration turnout of all time or that he won the popular vote for President by the biggest landslide ever.


Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer are expected to confirm Angels of Mercy’s claim to undisputed popularity.


“Until Trump’s Alternative Facts Policy Angels of Mercy was a moderately successful regional act but now thanks to Trump we are able to claim unrivaled fame,” quips Travolta. “Thanks to Trump’s policy I am also able to claim without refute by the ‘liberal media’ who rely on actual facts, that I am the greatest basketball player to ever lace up a pair of high tops and that the Chicago Bulls are going to unretire Michael Jordan’s number 23 for me to wear when I become the first ever 5’11 starting center for the team.”


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Jan 30, 2017