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Easter Island Spirit is a reliable tour operator, which helps every tourist to enjoy a memorable visit to Easter Island by providing attractive tour and travel packages.

As one of the most strange and mysterious yet amazingly beautiful places on the earth, Easter Island is a home to nature’s wonder, diverse landscapes, exotic nature, awe-inspiring cultures and Moai- the giant stone statues. Your visit to Easter Island will expose you to the most fascinating and exiting things in the world that amuses every travel enthusiast.

If you want to enjoy a once-in a lifetime opportunity to explore the beautiful natural and world-renowned archeological wonders of Easter Island or Rapa Nui, then rely on the Easter Island Spirit. They are renowned as one of the specialized and reputable tour company, which is locally based on the island. The experienced travel consultants of Easter Island Spirit are capable of organizing convenient and safe tours and travels that will take you close to the best attractions. With them, you will get an opportunity to enjoy a guided tour (with the best itinerary planned as per your requirement and budget) and experience an authentic travel in Easter Island.

Having vast years of experience in serving the Easter Island tourism, they provide every visitor the chance to have the utmost fun and enjoyment. They are the experts in arranging for you memorable tour to explore the most popular and top-rated tourist destinations in Easter Island. Whether it is a small group or private tour, they are always ready to the highest standard of professionalism and hospitality. They can conveniently arrange for you guided and safe tour and travel trips like Untouched North Coast tour, The Moai of Easter Island tour, Rand Kau Crater Hike tour, Sunrise tour, Island Interior and the Birdman Cult tour, and more.

A few lines from Easter Island Spirit,” As an experienced and reputable tour company, we understand what every visitor wants on their visit to Easter Island. Our professional team is always on the move to fulfill your requirement and needs helping you to cover all major attractions and sites in Easter Island. We are dedicated to take care of your accommodation; food and transportation that will help you enjoy a relaxing and stress free travel. With us, you will be able to enjoy a safe and comfortable Easter Island visit. We will tailor your trip to Rapa Nui by keeping in mind the specific requirement and budget without compromising on quality and service.”

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Easter Island Spirit is founded by James Grant-Peterkin in 2007. This is one of the most reputable tour companies in Easter Island, which provides affordable and personalized Easter Island tour and travel.

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Jan 31, 2017