MX Player New Version 2018 Launched With Advanced Features

MX Player is a video player app for Android devices. The MX is one of the leading video players and has over 100 million monthly users worldwide.

Being capable of playing and supporting all formats of videos, MX Player has been successful in creating a niche for it as the best video player. Now, the latest version of this popular video player app has been launched with a couple of new features. The all-new app for Android will be available to download from the Play Store and other Android app stores.

Over the past couple of years, video consumption has seen leaps and bounds. As per reports, the percentage of growth is over 300. That means video consumption has grown by 3X times. The numbers are still to go higher in the coming years.

We have seen the increasing demand for videos across the globe. We also noticed that a good percentage of people could not access videos due to various reasons like lack of a good device, and poor connectivity among other reasons. We thought of developing a video player that could play videos even when the users are moving with limited connectivity.

We also wanted to make sure that our player plays all video formats and we have achieved what we aimed with the new version of MX Player video app, said a top executive while launching the latest version. He also added that the new player has a number of advanced features to improve the video streaming experience.
The key feature of new MX Player video app is that it allows users to play videos in HD quality. As mentioned earlier, the player plays videos in all formats like mp4, flv, mkv, avi, wmv or any others. This also has given our video player an advantage, the top official said with a smiling face.

Some stunning features of the new app include the option to download and watch videos, easy download manager, volume control, brightness picker, and so on. It also offers a special folder for keeping those secret or private videos. Others cannot see this folder or the content inside as they are password protected.

About MX Player
MX Player is a video player app for Android devices. The MX is one of the leading video players and has over 100 million monthly users worldwide. The app is very popular among the youth and teenagers and those who stream a ton of videos online. The app is available to download from Google’s Play Store and other Android stores. You may also download the app from its official site.

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MX is the best video and music player for Android. This app is better because of its wide range of options that fine tunes the playback of video and audio files for the best experience.

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