TULS Corp releases Code of Conduct and Ethics on its Incorporation Day

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TULS Corp Pvt. Ltd.
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Release of TULS Corp's Code of Conduct and Ethics Booklet at the hands of Mr. Umesh Rao, CEO, Vector Projects India Pvt Ltd. at Mumbai.

TULS Corp Pvt. Ltd. a leading Project Management and advisory services company announced the release of its “Code of Conduct and Ethics’ Booklet. The release was officially done at the hands of Mr. Umesh Rao, CEO at Vector Projects India Pvt Ltd. Vector boasts of full service capabilities ranging from architectural designs to complete interior fit-outs including modular workstations and chairs. Vector has delivered over 1000 projects till date, which amounts to over 7 million square feet of area and over 1,00,000 workstations and chairs.

Code of Conduct and ethics guides all managerial decisions, creating a common framework upon which all decisions are founded. This can help to create a cohesive understanding of the boundaries within an organization and the standards set for interacting with external stakeholders. A formal, well-communicated code of ethics can also help to protect a company's reputation and legal standing in the event of a breach of ethics by an individual employee. I am glad to release this booklet for TULS Corp, it is wonderful to see upcoming companies to have such written document for Code of Conduct. My best wishes to TULS & its young team. I am confident that TULS Corp with such written guidelines would certainly grow and reach their intended Goals.” said Mr. Umesh Rao.

“We are glad to have Mr. Umesh Rao to release our “Code of Conduct and Ethics” Booklet. TULS has always driven inspiration and guidance from veterans of industry like Mr. Umesh Rao. We are thankful that Vector Projects India Pvt Ltd. is one of our prestigious client and Mr. Umesh Rao took time out of his busy schedule to release this booklet. A code of conduct and ethics is a vital document for any business, as breaches of ethics can land companies in serious trouble with consumers, other organizations or government authorities. Creating a code of ethics makes decision-making easier at all levels of an organization by reducing ambiguity and considerations of individual perspectives in ethical standards.” said Vaibhav Satpute, Director, TULS Corp Pvt. Ltd.

About TULS Corp Pvt. Ltd.

TULS Corp Private Limited (TULS), is 7-year-old Project Management and Advisory Services Company, based in Mumbai. TULS provides range of high quality, cost-effective project management, cost management and advisory services on Pan India basis. Within the span of 7 years, TULS has provided services to more than 77 Clientele and takes pride to mention that out of them, 20 are repeat customers and 6 international. TULS has impressive Client list varying from State Utilities, Government Departments, Multinational Companies, Public Limited companies, Private Limited Companies, Partnership Firms, and HNI's. TULS serve's clientele operating in Power and Construction Space. In Construction space, TULS serve's Client's in Real Estate as well as Infrastructure Industry. Core competency of TULS involves in providing end-to-end & value added support to it's client from inception stage up to commissioning of the project. TULS also provides Owners Engineer Services, 3rd party inspection, Bid document preparation and evaluation. TULS has provided Salvage value determination services of large industrial complex for a real estate company. For Real Estate Companies, apart from Project Management, TULS offers services like Cost Consulting, Quantity Surveying, MEP, BBS, Bill Certification etc. TULS has carried out Structural Auditing works for Conventional Power Plants and Large Chemical factory. TULS also provides Quality Control and Assurance services to large Construction Projects.
For Companies/Entrepreneurs wishing to diversify or enter new sector, TULS offers services like Market research, Feasibility studies, Techno-Economic Viability (TEV) reports, Detailed Project Reports (DPR) Technology Transfer, search for International Partner, Business Incubation, Risk Assessment, etc. Company also provides Business Transformation and drafting SOP's for Companies intending to be more competitive in current business environment. Apart from Construction and Power section, as of today, TULS has prepared DPR for Milk Processing Unit, Cold Storage, Food Court, Industrial Kitchen and QSR Restaurant, Fish Food Outlet, Solar Power Plant, Solar Product Manufacturing, Technical Textiles Products, etc.
Visit TULS at https://www.tulsgroup.com

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The services provided for Power sector & Construction space are-Project Management, Coordination, Bid Advisory, Cost Management, Quantity Surveying, BBS, Project Scheduling, Safety, Construction & Quality Management,3rd Party Inspection & Bill Certificate

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Feb 24, 2017

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