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Clients Save More Than 40% on Surplus Chemicals

The manufacture of some types of products demand the use of chemicals in ready supply. Sometimes ordering these chemicals is a guessing game that results in a large surplus. Most chemical distributors deal only in the sale of new chemicals. TyChem (http://www.tychem.net)  is different in that they purchase the surplus that some businesses accumulate due to over-ordering or being slightly off-standard, or obsolete and then sell them to other businesses that need them at a much lower price than they would pay directly with other chemical distributors.

The process starts when a company contacts TyChem by email or phone about selling their surplus chemicals. They may simply be moving more slowly than expected but they must be high quality chemicals before the company becomes interested in making a purchase. If they are, they will contact the seller with their level of interest. They will send an official offer and may request a certificate of analysis. If the company accepts the offer, they will be sent a purchase order F.O.B. their warehouse.

Potential buyers interested in the chemical distributors’ inventory can look at the current inventory at the TyChem website. If they purchase chemicals, they will get quality chemicals for more than 40% off. They will provide prospective buyers with certificates of analysis, photos, or samples as proof of quality.

TyChem’s extensive experience as chemical distributors has helped many companies save money on manufacturing and disposal costs without sacrificing the quality of the chemicals they use in their processes. Some companies buy in bulk with the intention of using the entire stock and to save money on future purchases. When they end up with surplus, for whatever reason, TyChem gives them an option to re-coup their investment while helping out another company looking to save money on their purchase.

Other chemical distributors sell small quantities at top dollar to help fatten their bottom line. The system of buying and selling surplus chemicals that is used by TyChem results in a better deal for everyone involved. Keeping unneeded chemicals in inventory, paying disposal fees, or purchasing at top price are all expensive and unnecessary when there are chemical distributors devoted to make it a less financially burdensome process.

About TyChem

TyChem (http://www.tychem.net) is a surplus chemical company with more than a decade of experience in buying and selling surplus chemicals. They allow businesses that rely on chemicals for their use or sales to reduce their inventory of slow-moving chemicals while providing others with the chemicals they need. TyChem specializes in chemicals used in the manufacture of cleaning, cosmetics, health care, vitamins and nutraceuticals, food and non-regulated pharmaceuticals. Potential sellers or buyers can call or visit their website to check out their current inventory.

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Aug 21, 2016