UK Automotive Sector Delivers Strong Performance Figures

John Gibson Associates celebrate 2016 as being another year of remarkable success for automotive recruitment services

2016 was another record setting year for the British motor industry. The facts and figures released have solidified the position the UK holds as a leader in the global car market, with all indicators showing that success is expected to continue. John Gibson Associates, the national automotive recruitment service provider trusted by the biggest brands in the industry, has welcomed the news. The results underline the value brought to the motor industry by their approach to long term recruitment services.

Car production in the UK grew by 8.5% during 2016, with close to 1.7 million vehicles rolling off the production lines. This figure in itself makes the nation the 13th biggest car manufacturer in the world. The global ranking increases to 9th, however, when measured in terms of the number of vehicles exported. Over 75% of the vehicles manufactured in the UK during 2016 were exported.

In terms of this measurement, the UK ranks above key competitor nations such as India and France with regards. The total value of automotive exported from the UK in 2016 exceeded £25billion, with parts exports achieving a value over £4.5billion. Vehicle manufacturers across all car price ranges have reported a production and export increase. A particular success highlighted in the reports was Rolls Royce. The prestige brand set a new record with over 4,000 cars exported across some 50 different countries.

John Gibson Associates see this success as underlining the importance of the automotive recruitment services they have delivered to the sector. The company specialises in ensuring candidates for jobs match the values and outlook of potential employers as well as being a match for the skills required. This delivers long term employment appointments - something universally accepted as a requirement for creating sustainable growth within an industry. Through comprehensive profiling and testing, John Gibson Associates make sure employees are compatible with employers on all levels.

Many challenges face the automotive industry in 2017. This is as true on a global level as it is for the UK directly. John Gibson Associates remain confident that the British automotive sector shall continue to deliver success. With the professional automotive recruitment services of John Gibson Associates available, UK car manufacturers know all future employment requirements will be met, in full and to the highest standard.


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Jan 27, 2017