UK Memorial Service Make Kosmolux Statues Available Nationwide

The highly desirable, quality certified statues are a popular choice for use as part of memorials

UK Memorial Service is renowned for their ability to deliver high quality memorials of distinction for affordable prices. The company makes the talents of memorial masons accredited by both NAMM and BRAMM available to all seeking to have a distinguished form of remembrance in place for the deceased. Whilst the work of these masons meets world class standards, UK Memorial Service respect the fact that people often want an existing work to stand as a memorial. To meet this request, UK Memorial Service is pleased to represent and supply Kosmolux in the UK.

Kosmolux statutes are made from reconstituted crystalline Carrara marble and a composite binding agent. In order to ensure authenticity and quality, each Kosmolux statue is passed through the laboratories of the centuries old Politecnico di Milano for certification. The statues are certified in accordance with their representation of beauty, the quality of material used and the ability of them to withstand the forces of weather and environmental conditions.

For many years people have been able to see Kosmolux statues on display. Several buildings around the world have them installed as an integral part of their architecture, and they have become an increasing feature at burial sites around the world. The certified assurance of quality and longevity are both vital to the placement of a memorial the bereaved can take comfort and confidence in. UK Memorial Service understands the great importance of providing this.

Whilst there is no question over the high quality of work which the masons of UK Memorial Service produce directly. In certain cases, however, there is an expressed wish for a very specific form of memorial to be put in place. As UK Memorial Service are committed to ensuring all may access the exact form of memorial they wish to have in place the company did not hesitate in the decision to represent select Kosmolux ranges.

A memorial should be beautiful, poignant, and apt, and come with the assurance of retaining its look for many years. Kosmolux statues are renowned for delivering these qualities. UK Memorial Service takes pride in making these highly respected and regarded statues available nationwide.

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UK Memorial Service offer a comprehensive range of designs and options for memorials. They are proud to make Kosmolux statues available to the UK market.

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Aug 16, 2016