UKUD Participated In Qatar International Universities Fair 2016 Statement by Dr Nagwa Radw

The UKUD booth at the fair not only attract a large number of visitors including students those aspiring for undergraduate studies

November, 2016 - UKUD, the international education company base in Nottingham participated in educational exhibition, the Qatar International University fair, which lasted for more than three days and had 113 universities and their students as participants. The event combines activities to expose and educate millions of university students, parents and other aspiring scholars every year on many available international opportunities to students, helping them to build network and perform additional tasks.

This year activities were different as UKUD gave an amazing and eye-opening speech on the opportunities that were available to students studying abroad. Studying abroad for most Qatari students with full understanding of all benefits involved had been a serious challenge to the students and their parents, but the intervention of UKUD with their speech by Dr. Nagwa Radwan, founder of UKUD, during the event on October 2016, provided with an easier way to achieve the dream. The speech on the day of the exhibition which addressed the international opportunities for students from Qatar on how to further their studies in the UK cleared the air to greater opportunity that all Qatari students had been waiting for, and has made many of the students to opt-in to the new system of schooling abroad.

The UKUD booth at the fair not only attract a large number of visitors including students those aspiring for undergraduate studies, but also those who wanted to continue their postgraduate studies in the UK and the USA. Over three days Dr. Ammar Al Bakka from UKUD assisted students and their parents to understand the different opportunities available for Qatari students in the UK and the USA as the opportunities are unlimited and diversified.

Over the last 9 years, UKUD had been participating in educational events and exhibitions in a number of countries in the Middle East and has helped hundreds of students in pursuing further education in the UK.  UKUD has a network of more than 90 UK universities and over 60 English language centers built across the UK.  Over the last few years, UKUD had also developed its network in the UK and the USA covering the needs of students who want to undergo English courses or those who want to pursue tertiary studies at degree, masters or the PhD level.

According to the founder of UKUD, Dr. Nagwa Radwan after the event, He said, ‘It was a great opportunity for UKUD to participate in this successful and important event. We were overwhelmed with the warm hospitality that we have received from the organizers and the Qatari people.’

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Dec 09, 2016