Unlocked Cell phone Service for your Kids

In the 21st Century, cell phones and mobile devices are everywhere. Used for everything, from a business executive rescheduling a meeting in Chicago to a 5-year-old in the Maryland suburbs calling his neighbor to arrange a play-date.

Modern society not only thrives on this technology, but it survives on it.  Technology such as this has come a long way in just a short amount of time, and society has rushed forward to welcome it.
However, no one can argue that modern society has not only adapted to life with endless communication, but it has literally built society around the idea of cell phones, and the fact that everyone is always connected. But, just like anything else, there are pros and cons to the constant usage of cell phones, and everyone has an opinion on this controversial topic. 
Some folks are of the opinion that cell phones are making society anti-social and fear that the continuous use of cell phones is inhibiting people’s face-to-face communication skills.  Who can dispute that this is not happening, even a little?Go to any bus or train station and take a look around.  People are not greeting each other or striking up simple conversations as they wait for their ride or as they travel.  Instead, everyone is staring at their phones or listening to music with earbuds in their ears.  In fact, the attitude is quite apparent:  they want to be left alone.  If that is not anti-social behavior, then what is?  They join the herd of pedestrians, down sidewalks, across streets, on the train platform, and bump carelessly into passersby as they text, game or email.
In school, kids’ handwriting is getting worse – borderline illegible actually because they text instead of write and they type papers on computers instead of handwrite book reports.
Children and teens are becoming worse at verbal communication because they text more than they speak.
It is far easier for people to become offended because something was texted or emailed instead of said verbally, thus a misunderstanding occurrs.
Having a cell phone can enable the government to have eyes and ears on everyone with a cellular device.  They can track anyone’s movement or travel, and can listen in on citizens’ private conversations.
But on the opposite note…. Some people believe that the government’s ability to watch and keep an eye on people, makes the world safer because they can track terrorist groups and bug phones to discover the heinous plots to harm others.
Cell phones are also wonderful in the case of emergencies and have saved countless lives when 911 can be so easily dialed.
However, despite each person’s individual opinion, the age of the cell phone will continue on strong. 
Perhaps you are a parent who does not see anything wrong with children or young teens having cell phones –but cannot afford a $100/month plan for your 14-year-old to call home for a ride from soccer practice.  Well, byod cell phone plans have a plan that will fit any need your family may have.
What does byod cell phone service provide?
Byod stands for “Bring Your Own Device.”  Are you tired of always feeling pressured to buy $300 or $700 phones each time you switch carriers?  Would it not just be easier to keep the same old phone?  Worry no more.  When you sign up with Pix Wireless, you are allowed to activate your own device, saving your family hundreds, or even thousands of dollars.  And the deals keep coming.  Stop feeling the pressure of paying $100 or more a month for each phone’s plan.  Buy as you go, month to month.  The most you will pay a month is $50!  With this option, enjoy the unlocked cell phone service that provides you with unlimited talking minutes, texts and data up to 2 GB.
But maybe you or your child only use your cell phones to call or text occasionally when running errands, or for random emergencies.  You never use your data.  So why pay $100 a month for each phone when neither of you make more than a dozen calls or texts?  It is fair that you should only pay for what you use.  Do not overpay any more.  With the cheapest plan Pix Wireless has, only pay $20/month for each phone and get 1200 talking minutes, 1000 texts, and 100 MB of data.  A little will get you a long way!
So now with your unlocked mobile phone plan you can enjoy the freedom of making calls without being overcharged.  Whether you text or talk constantly, or only on occasion, get the plan that is best for you and your family.  Do not be over charged again.  Switch to the byod cell phone plan, activate your old phone, and save.


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Dec 31, 2016