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Findnerd are glad to announce an important information to our valued visitors that, updated the user interface of our social community for web and mobile developers(FindNerd).

Press Release - Aug 11, 2015 (PRnob.com) - Overview - Findnerd are glad to announce an important information to our valued visitors that, updated the user interface of our social community for web and mobile developers(FindNerd). A couple of months ago in early June 2015, updated “Ask Tech Query” section which allow users to directly visit the posting page for specific technology categories from Google search or direct opening the URL link.

Since after the launch of this community in December 2014, the core team members are continuously working hard on it to make it a smooth, easy to access and easy to use platform for all the estemmed users of this community. Our hard working team has been analyzing the user behaviour and the current user interaction with this platform through various analytic tools in order to define the drawback in the design which make users not to stay longer on this website. This is the main reason why are working hard on it, as our core aim is to make users collaborate with others in this community for a longer duration of time and enhance tech skills and grow.

Current UI Update

As alreay mentioned above that updated the UI of this community which is specially done for our active users. Now, let us take a look on the current UI changes that our team have been implemented after a thorough research. The UI changes done so far in latest release include:

Updated the page layout for blog listing.

Updated the page layout for forum replying section.

Made the website responsive for different devices.

Updated the header menu.

Updated the header menu

Earlier the header menu items were at the middle-top of the home page. To make them more interactive and match up as per the current trend we have shifted it to the left as a left meny bar which is now looking attractive and can expand on click.

Updated the page layout for blog/tech Q&A


The page layout of the blog/tech Q&A listing page has been updated from row listing format to the grid view listing which displays the blogs and forum questions in form of two columns view. It is much simpler view format as blogs/questions are visible clearly inside a box containing the spcific category of the blogs/questions

Updated the page layout for forum replying


Previously the page layout for user replies on any question asked by a member are displayed to the right side of the web-page. Now the layout of displaying the replies on any question are visible in the form of thread just below thw question asked form the user. In this way are trying to make this platform interactive and the best c, php, jave, html, android developer form, etc. among the other forum communities.

Made the website responsive for different


In oder to provide users the easy accessibility of this platform through different devices, now the community website is also made responsive for different devices like mobiles, iPads, iPhones, etc. Now users can access the website easily through their portable devices.


Aim is always to make this platform more interactive and collaborative for all the existing and upcoming users who are continuously looking to evolve among the huge crowd of technology experts in order to enhance the knowlwdge and skils through this brain storming in the area of web programming through posting & viewing c, android, php, java etc.

Hoping to improve ahead in future.

Team FindNerd


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Aug 11, 2015