Upgrade Your Chicago Home with Hardwood Floors

There are many ways to upgrade and modernize your Chicago home. One of the most popular is installing real hardwood floors in rooms, hallways, and entry ways. Nothing says style and elegance like hardwood floors in oak or other beautiful woods.

For a few decades carpets were the rage for most rooms in a home. Carpet problems include:

oThey must be vacuumed often

oSpills and stains are hard to clean

oThey get old looking quick in high traffic areas

oCarpets hold allergens more than wood

oThey wear out in time and must be replaced

oChoosing the right colors are issues

oDo not add monetary value like real wood

oCan slip and come loose

Quality wood floors do not have these issues to contend with. Most people agree that wood is easy to clean and maintain. These floors do not wear out and have lasting value. Whether you are building a new home or replacing current flooring, consider hardwood floors in Chicago.

Hardwood Floors Trends in Chicago

Hardwood flooring is trending in the Chicago area. Narrow boards are moving to wider ones and more people prefer darker colors to light colors. Homeowners want the natural look to showcase the grain patterns and surface textures. Right now there are more choices to make than ever before. Consider all of the options before making your choice.

One cool trend is the old or vintage look. This gives the rustic look and feel of vintage homes dating back 300 years. The more popular woods in this category are hickory, maple, and pine. For one thing it just looks more natural. Some companies even distress the planks to make them look older and they do look amazing! Textures vary from soft to rough.

More and more people like the gray tones and darker woods. This trend moves away from the light color floors that have been so popular. Gray tones are a good choice for anyone who wants a neutral color to fit the room décor. The neutral look is popular for wall and carpet colors. Gray blends well and helps overcome outdated rooms. Gray does not overpower. 

Darker woods reflect homeowners’ choices in modern stain colors. A contemporary or traditional feel can be created depending on the stain choice. Brown is not the only color on the market any more. Goods woods include walnut, cherry, and oak. Tastes in hardwood flooring vary a lot in Chicago and you can find just what you want.

There’s More Going on with Floors in the Chicago Land Area

The choices for hardwood floors in the Chicago area are almost limitless. You can create many combinations of wood type, grain patterns, surface textures, colors, and finishes. If your plan is to install real wood think about the popular woods used in Chicago and the additional trends.


Longer and wider planks are one of the popular choices for smaller spaces. These areas appear to be more spacious than before. They also give a smoother looking floor because they have fewer seams compared to short and narrow boards. This style of planks can be installed in any direction – even diagonally.

Reclaimed and recycled woods are on the rise. Boards taken from old homes, barns, businesses, factories, warehouses, wood beams, and logs are being recycled like never before. They can be left in their natural state or sanded and cut to different sizes. Sometimes obsolete Chestnut wood surfaces and is considered a real treasure. 

There are so many choices of stains and color finishes today you need to spend a lot of time making sure you get what you really want. Once your new floors are installed learn how to care for and maintain them to last for generations of Chicagoans. 

Where You Can Find Professional Floor Installers in Chicago

Professional floor installers in Chicago can assist you in several ways. They will help you select the type of wood you want, remove the old flooring material, and install the new hardwood floors. Classic Floors Chicago has the expertise and equipment to do the best job in flooring. They are just a call or click away to meet your flooring needs in the Chicago area.

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