Use of Restaurant Management Software for Satisfaction Delivery

The sudden impetus on demonetization and its aftershocks continue to affect all industries. However, eateries that were using restaurant management software assistance for back office and transactions enjoy undisrupted transition.

PM Modi made history by his overnight decision to ban circulating five hundred and thousand rupees currencies. As the nation continues to adjust with a rapidly forming corruption-free system, cashless transactions continue to receive significant footage.  Although Western Economies have been running cashless payments for decades now, the practice by far has been largely optional in India. With a strong traditional fascination for hard cash, the modern Indian public still prefers balancing the card with hard cash, wherever possible. However, with INR 500 notes relatively scarce, and INR 2000 notes also in limited supply, the TV ads on cashless payment carry great significance. 

Restaurants typically have larger acceptance level for cash facilities, and the lack of old currency is not a huge issue from that perspective. Especially, eateries that have been utilizing a restaurant management software for its many benefits report that the economic transition has adjusted well with an already existing digital system with multiple payment options. The primary reaction from the food service industry was that of shock and desertion, a scene not too unfamiliar across all service sectors. Even now, sub-sectors such as home delivery, small setups, and unorganized eateries are trying hard to recuperate in a changed scenario. Hospitality consultant Umesh Kapoor recently stated his concern about deep-rooted effects because the food service sector takes in a significant amount of unaccounted transactions. For more details about restaurant software visit at

In this current context, a digital restaurant management system definitely enjoys significant potential for growth. The application effectively connects all the involved dots in the food service sector, inclusive of not only the customer and the manager, but also the waiter and the kitchen staff. By virtue of complete digitization, customers can follow up the entire process from inquiring reservation, menu selection, table reservation, ordering, order cancelling, table merging, checking dish progress, waiter communication, and finally making cashless payments. 

The software offers composite management tools to the manager as well who can monitor the kitchen, waiters, and customer response analytically besides facilitating promotions of special offers. A manager also uses the program for extensive backend assistance such as inventory checks and preparation of invoice. Apart from empowering the manager and the customers, the software protocol also allows for effective coordination between serving and the kitchen staffs. Since all cashless payments must involve a valid bank account, transaction of black money for payments surely has a chance to become invalid by updating a food service on smartphone restaurant management software. 

The Indian food service industry is slated to grow by billions in coming years, according to leading industry projections. Nevertheless, one potential slipknot in the assisted digital growth is the inapplicability of the digital solution in other sub-sectors except direct diners. Unless all the areas of the diverse industry can be brought under a common administration, it should be difficult to operate a uniform protocol for complete management. Industry experts expect inclusion of food processing, dry retail, and shelf life management to come under the aegis of a common digital administration. As of now, the smartphone app remains to be of paramount importance in an evolutionary financial scenario.       

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Dec 20, 2016