Useful swtor credits tips for Missions & Heroic Rewards After Crystal Removed in KOTET

Useful swtor credits tips for Missions & Heroic Rewards After Crystal Removed in KOTET

Swtor KOTET early access will be live on Nov 29, and until then all changes planned for the Eternal Throne will take into effect, like the removal of Cartel Market Passes and crystal currency. Problems have cropped up that what rewards will drop from Missions and Heroic.

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Three viewpoints for the replacement of crystals

Swtor Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion is coming on Nov 29, and it is time to make a plan for its release. With the removal of the crystal currency which was given as a reward for many a mission including heroics, what will be offered as compensation for doing those missions? There are three kinds of views for this issue.
First, it is heard that there will be o compensation or balancing out mission rewards, and the command XP grind should be reward in and of itself.
Second, some players are indifferent for the compensation. They think that the crystals were initially intended as a currency to purchase gear with. And currently, the content that used to reward commendations will now reward cxp which is a form of currency to buy gear with.
As for the new characters who don’t earn CXP from doing all of those, leveling doesn’t require gear. People can level 1-65 with nothing but mission gear rewards, or mob drops. If they want to equip stronger gear, they can run heroics, whose rewards are specific to the chosen spec.
Last, it makes sense to come up with a conversion rate which can simply shifts the earned crystals into swtor credits. Now some players cannot wait to stockpile gifts for credits.

What will replace Swtor companion gifts or packs from Missions?

The missions that used to reward crystals can reward an increase in swtor credits instead, but those that rewards packs or swtor companion gifts to raise alliance ranks may need to be reconsidered.

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Useful swtor credits tips for Missions & Heroic Rewards After Crystal Removed in KOTET

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