VAKS reconstitutes tailored tutoring across English cities

VAKS has reconstituted its mentoring system through a differential approach. Depending on visual, aural, and kinaesthetic abilities of learners this institute has developed unique learning programmes.

St Albans, United Kingdom – VAKS has successfully reconstituted tailored tutoring in several cities across England. This institute offering education support in Hertfordshire is also present in eight other locations across UK. With its mission to teach, support and inspire young people and achieve their objectives, Vaks has charted out the most effective learning systems for 4-18 age groups.

It is encouraging that educationists in VAKS create new styles of learning that are simple and long-lasting. Their tutorial modules are visually appealing, audibly educative, and kinaesthetically brilliant. This pattern is followed even by their tutors. These three learning styles are blended perfectly to create a tailored tutoring style that is incisive and purposeful. Visual learning through seeing, auditory learning through hearing and kinaesthetic learning through feeling and moving constitute ‘VAKS learning style’. This style has been found very effective for children especially when they are in their early developmental stage.

Though it has been found that every child does not respond to each of the three techniques equally, the institute uses all three methods in mentoring students. It has categorised its pupils as visual learners, auditory learners, and kinaesthetic learners. Visual learners are methodical, neat, and stay undisturbed even in noisy surroundings. They are attracted by maps, pictures, charts, and videos. Visual learners remember more what they see as compared to what they hear. The traits are in contrast to visual learners. They remember more what they hear than what they see. Auditory learners prefer to read aloud and listen to stories. These children are talkative, and usually grow to become excellent speakers.

VAKS has classified kinaesthetic learners as those who love to learn through touching and motion. They are among the most interactive lot among children and speak slowly but surely. They love to express themselves through actions rather than words. Expression is mostly through gestures, and physical movement.

According to VAKS the reason for this differentiation is the difference in interest level among learners. Some children love to look at pictures and images for learning, while others rely on sound and physical movements. This is exactly where VAKS is a trendsetter. Creating the perfect ambience for a child forms the basis for learning.

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VAKS is a tutorial formed by educationists who believe that teaching is an interactive process centred on learners. This tutorial now has centres in Hertfordshire, Ware, Broxbourne, Bishop’s Stortford, North Finchley, Barnet, St. Albans, and Borehamwood.

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Jun 06, 2017