Various Communal And District Heating Solutions Available At Evinox Energy Ltd

Evinox Energy Ltd ( proudly presents the range of products and services they currently offer.

Evinox Energy Ltd ( proudly presents the range of products and services they currently offer. This company has over 13 years of experience in providing cost-effective, sustainable, and fuel-efficient heating solutions for their customers and is keen on reaching more people for them to make the most of these solutions.


Evinox Energy Ltd offers communal and district heating solutions which are best for multi-occupant properties. These solutions supply energy to a number of households instead of just one. According to the company, “You want a cost-effective heat network design that will meet building regulations. Technology that’s sustainable and fuel-efficient. A well designed and maintained heat network uses significantly less energy when compared to individual gas fired boilers and with the combination of renewable energy sources, carbon emissions are greatly reduced”.


Evinox Energy Ltd offers Heat Interface Units (HIUs) from the reputable brand ModuSat®. These are eco-efficient units designed to provide multi-occupant properties like apartments and communal housing developments with high efficiency heating. Likewise, they also offer Central Plant devices which are core of a communal or district heating system. These central plants provides energy to each dwelling in the system through a primary heating circuit.


This company not only provide the heating systems, but also the administration solutions these systems call for. Metering and Billing packages allows clients to have smooth payment operations for their properties. They have a range of packages available: from data only, pre-payment system, to remote billing options. Evinox Energy Ltd also offers HIU Service and Maintenance which also come in a range of packages to ensure that the HIU is working on its best state.


For those who are very busy to think about the maintenance of their heating systems, Evinox Energy Ltd offers Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM). This is an option where the service maintenance of communal heating systems can be prescheduled. This service is aimed for the preventive maintenance of the systems.


Some of the past clients and projects that Evinox Energy Ltd has worked on include refurbishment projects, social housing, private developments, housing associations, local authorities, and many more.


Aside from the above mentioned products and services, there are still a lot that Evinox Energy Ltd offers. Know more about this company and their services by visiting


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Evinox Energy Ltd is the UK’s premier provider of shared heating solutions. With more than a decade of experience in the field, they are the most reliable company to work with for social or private housing schemes. Their wide range of products and long list of satisfied clients speak well of their reputation and expertise in the field. To get in touch with this company, call their representatives at +44 (0)1372 722277. Log on to their official website,, to know more.


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