Vehicle Lettering the Most Economical Way to Advertise Your Business

People recognise the brand that they keep seeing often and will remember you when they find the need for your particular service.

Vehicle lettering is the most economical way to advertise your business. Why? Because your vehicle or work van is a mobile billboard that can be used to advertise the services you offer without making the extra effort or spending more than necessary.  Promote your business while simply driving to work... it doesn't cost you anything extra but does make a good visual impression on potential customers. Before going into the economics of vehicle lettering, let us see why you should opt for this advertising alternative.

Building brand awareness among larger audiences:

Vehicle lettering on your delivery or work van gets hundreds of eyes on your brand name or logo, by just driving around. People recognise the brand that they keep seeing often and will remember you when they find the need for your particular service.

Creates a feeling of trust:

A vehicle with the company's brand name on the side gives potential customers the impression that your business is successful, that it is established and it is well recognised which helps in building up a comfort level that induces them to choose you over the competition.  

Vehicle lettering is cheap advertising:

Vehicle graphics and lettering is not as expensive as a TV or newspaper ad, thus reducing your advertising costs. In fact, your branded vehicle will get you more business and stretch your advertising budget further. In other words you will get more value out of your vehicle lettering than other forms of advertising you decide to use.

Mobile signage:

Vehicle graphics and lettering is put up on a vehicle, which is not a permanent structure, therefore not considered a permanent sign. You need not obtain a permit or license to put it up on your own vehicle which is a big advantage. 

And finally, the economics of it...

Different types of material is available for creating vehicle lettering including vinyl, printed vinyl decals, magnetic signs, etc. Typically, your Vehicle Lettering and graphics last for about 2 to 3 years, constantly doing the job of advertising your business. As compared to other forms of advertising, these signs are economical and provide more value for your money. They are easy to create and require virtually no maintenance.

But keep this in mind...

Your vehicle lettering must be short and readable, so choose your message carefully. The business name and contact along with services provided is enough to get the message across. Make sure that the letters are in a readable font and use contrasting colours so that it stands out.

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Jul 13, 2016