Vertical Blinds: One of the great ways to decorate your window

When a vertical blind is fully opened, it is stacked tightly to the side allowing you to take full advantage of the light and view outside the room.

Vertical blinds can turn your window totally opaque for privacy or make it full transparent to allow maximum light and view by either covering your window fully with blinds or being stacked tightly and discreetly to one side of the window. They are a wonderful, beautiful and efficient replacement of the traditional window curtain.

Unlike curtains which need to match the décor, window blinds including vertical blinds, are décor neutral i.e. they blend in with almost any décor and therefore do not need to be replaced each time you change the paint or wallpaper scheme of the room. This makes vertical blinds not only highly functional, but also amazing economical to maintain. And unlike window curtains, vertical blinds last a life-time.

When a vertical blind is fully opened, it is stacked tightly to the side allowing you to take full advantage of the light and view outside the room. When closed, the vertical blind offers total light control by blocking incoming light. Unlike curtains, blinds provide control over quantum of light entering the room. So you can either fully block all light coming in or you can open the blinds a bit and allow some light to come in while at the same time maintaining a high level or privacy.

The styles and benefits of vertical blinds:

Vertical blinds are available in a wide range of operating options including:

1.    Chain control,
2.    Right draw,
3.    Left draw,
4.    Wand tilt and,
5.    Split draw for personalised control of your view.

Child Friendly

If you have kids in your home and fear they might injure themselves with the wand hanging by the side, then choose from cordless wand options and even remote motorised options for that total wow and space-age feel.

At the top of the window frame, heavy duty head rail system keeps the vanes permanently aligned and provides smooth traversing and ultra-quiet operation for a life-time. Additionally, vertical blinds especially Custom Panel Glide Blinds are highly durable and can withstand direct sunlight, strong heat and even high humidity.

Vertical vinyl blinds are available in a beautiful array of patterns ranging from deeply embossed styles  to curved styles (including many S-shaped styles) in hundreds of colours.

S-shaped vertical vanes are the latest in design and provide vastly improved room darkening effect while at the same time, achieving the look of soft drapery with the durability of vinyl.

You can also go traditional by opting for fabric vertical Custom Commercial Blinds. Again, these too are available a wide variety of colours and weaves that adds texture to your room. A fabric vertical blind will continue to look crisp and wrinkle-free because of the invisible, sewn-in weights.

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