Virtual Vizor Takes The Technology Market By Storm After Rave Reviews

The representatives of Virtual Vizor talk about the utilization of their app and products.

DETROIT, MICHIGAN (JUNE 08, 2017) – Virtual Reality is the latest trend amongst technology enthusiasts and gurus alike. Known for its realistic image projection within designated spaces, the world is slowly switching over from two dimensional image projection to third dimensional reality. “Considering the growing popularity of Virtual Reality, one could very easily understand that it is going to be a mainstay of the future. Dabbling in this technology now will enable us to understand it better. The things that can be accomplished with this technology, the mere prospect of it is unimaginable”, stated a representative.

The Virtual Vizor allows a user to turn their smartphone into a third dimensional image viewing device. “This means that we have introduced another level or league of in-flight entertainment. Users can now watch entire feature length 3D movies on their smartphones with our nifty device. This also means that the viewing of images and movies in 360 degrees is now possible. Yes, users can now engage in 360 videos and 360 photos. The gadget, for its utility, is quite light on the pockets of the customer and will not cost them a fortune. Our version of the VR glasses is not as clunky as that of our competitors, as we consider ease of portability of the utmost importance. We are also thinking of implementing the technology of augmented reality. Augmented reality uses a live camera to relay information into a customized interface”, continued the representative.

When asked about future plans, a spokesperson said “As stated earlier, we may implement augmented reality. As for now, we shall continue to improve on the Virtual Vizor as much as possible, depending on critical and customer reviews.”

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Virtual Vizor is a company producing VR glasses and VR headsets to turn a user’s smartphone into a 3D viewing device. For more information, visit or email at


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The representatives of Virtual Vizor talk about the utilization of their app and products.

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Jun 08, 2017