Vital Polyclinic has Induct a Modern Slimming & Cellulite Treatment Facility in Abu Dhabi

Vital Polyclinic has inaugurated an advanced sliming & cellulite treatment facility in Abu Dhabi with more detailed contouring options.


Vital Polyclinic is a technical advance healthcare center with several segments in medical and beauty treatments, and now it has inducted a new section of slimming and cellulite contouring facility. The inauguration took place at the Vital Polyclinic last Saturday, with a presence of a small crowd as audience and media persons, including our correspondences. Firstly, the officials from the Vital Clinic and some senior physicians start with speeches about the facilities they have, then they held some quick demonstrations of the surgery procedures, and lastly they indulged with answering questions from audiences.

Our reporters have interviewed some of the officials and physicians at the end of the event and get indulge with some conversations about the new capability of treating cellulite patients. First, our reporter converse with the chief spokesperson of Vital Clinic and he replied, “The new facility is there in other healthcare centers also but, here we have some advanced options like a medicinal treatment to surgical liposuction.” There are vast options between the treatment with medicine and surgeries, “we have new ultrasound and laser technologies to reduce fat from the body and get in shape” he added.

According to our sources, there were some renowned cosmetic surgeons and medicine doctors, but they were unreachable, so we interviewed a junior doctor to answer our questions. At first, we ask about the different methods they will use while operating on a patient, in reply “we will observe the condition before getting any decision, suppose we can go for Mesotherapy or Cryolipolysis according to the conditions of the patient.” Then he added, “Whatever the problem is we have the best liposuction Abu Dhabi have,” and according to some sources, there are certain speculations about slimming Abu Dhabi’s obese people by offering them some exclusive schemes.

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About VITAL:
Vital Polyclinic is a high-tech healthcare center with a range of advanced treating facilities, and the section of slimming treatment has several options to go with from medicinal to surgery.

Contact Name: Mr Khaled Haj Younes
Company: Vital Poly Clinic
City: Abu Dhabi
Country: United Arab Emirates
Address: Al Bateen, Street 32, Behind BMW Showroom
Phone: +971 2 6667067


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Vital Polyclinic has inaugurated an advanced sliming & cellulite treatment facility in Abu Dhabi with more detailed contouring options.

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Vital Poly Clinic

Al Bateen, Street 32
Behind BMW Showroom
United Arab Emirates
Phone : +971 2 6667067
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Nov 06, 2016