VitaPulse Could Help Preventing Heart Issues

Vitapulse is a dietary supplement that could potentially help with preventing some health issues or reduce the risk of some heart problems

Vitapulse is a dietary supplement that could potentially help with preventing some health issues or reduce the risk of some health problems in the future and today I will talk about it a little bit. Those of you that want to check it out can visit

Vitapulse is not one of its kind, there are multiple similar products out there that make claims of helping in such ways, as Vitapulse does, with the use of antioxidants. What are antioxidants?

CoenzymeQ10 is an antioxidant, N-acetyl-cysteine is another one, Vitapulse has them both together with Pyrroloquinoline quinone. Another popular antioxidant that some of you may have heard of is resveratrol which can be found in wine. Resveratrol, for example, is found in the skin of grapes, red grapes in particular. 

Berries also are a rich source of antioxidants. An antioxidant is a chemical able to lose some of its electrons or "donate" them without losing stability, becoming unstable or reactive. I also need to talk about free radicals/oxidants. Oxidants are electrons that are unpaired, reactive and unstable. You can get rid of some of them by pairing them with the electrons donated by antioxidants so antioxidants are perfect for helping with free radicals.

The reason oxidants are harmful or dangerous is because they damage cells by attacking them, they steal other electrons and produce other oxidants like themselves in the process, trigger chain reactions and can cause oxidative stress and a lot of damage in your body. This damage can contribute to cancer, to cognitive decline or Alzheimer's, heart disease, it can age skin and organs in the body basically speeding up aging, etc.

Now, there is a general lack of information and research on antioxidants. Some studies have hinted at resveratrol, N-acetylcysteine and others helping indeed with diabetes, Alzheimer's and so on but it's too little research and most of these are not FDA approved, the supplements that use then including Vitapulse lack any clinical trials for the formula and many times they use low quantities than you see in the few studies that you find out there which are worrying because it could mean and it many cases this proves to be true, that the supplements are useless and their benefits are not noticeable at all.

Vitapulse's ingredients do in fact seem to come in low quantities, such as having only 250 mg of NAC whereas you generally see 600 or 1.2 grams being used in studies so it would probably offer no effect or a very negligible benefit that you may not notice.

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Mar 18, 2017