WaveOC Offers Salesforce Administration Services

WaveOC provides comprehensive administration services by certified Salesforce administrators

WaveOC, a certified Salesforce development company, offers administration services to enterprises that use Salesforce products, thus ensuring their faster implementation and higher efficiency. The company delivers such administration services as set-up of Salesforce solutions, their customization and maintenance, as well as user training.

The WaveOC administration team comprises of certified Salesforce Administrators and Advanced Administrators with proficient skills in both software and hardware. The technical support engineers take over the duties of ongoing development and customization, user maintenance, as well as database de-duping and cleanup. The WaveOC experts also communicate the upcoming Salesforce releases and enhancements.

At WaveOC, administrators have solid understanding of business processes and easily navigate through the customer’s organizational structure and relationships. The administration team possesses outstanding project management skills and works in close cooperation with developers and stakeholders, addressing the issues in a timely manner.

The administration policy of the company rests on customization and data quality. The WaveOC administrators are experts of custom system setup and ensure successful working implementation. The company also places great value on data security and access control.

“It is always good to have experienced professionals on board. However, at a small enterprise, a Salesforce administrator is not necessarily a full-time position. At the initial stage of the implementation, managing Salesforce CRM requires about 50 percent of a full time job. And day to day it will need even less time. That is why outsourcing Salesforce administration to a competent expert is the best option for a small business,” comments a WaveOC manager.

About the company:

WaveOC is a certified Salesforce expert delivering tailored cloud services to businesses across a number of domains. WaveOC specialists customize, implement and integrate Salesforce capacities to align with business needs in a variety of segments: sales, marketing, customer services, reporting and analytics.   

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WaveOC provides comprehensive administration services by certified Salesforce administrators

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Jun 28, 2016