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There’s lots of websites that try to give you tips about Moscow and Russia. When I was travelling across the Eastern Europe, I visited this country, journeyed through it by train and had a couple of great days in Moscow.

One of the best sources of information is . It has a wealth of valuable facts and advice on all things Moscow.

1. Kremlin and Red Square

That’s definitely the most important sightseeing place in Moscow. The website has a whole section, dedicated to this mega-complex, covering working hours, prices, itineraries, cool facts, best places to take photos, etc.

2. Theater, ballet, music

This section helps you decide on the best theater to visit, be it a musical performance, ballet or a cello concert.

3. Visas and consulates

In this section, you will find all the information that you need to prepare the documents for your travel in Russia and Moscow. The bureaucracy will not be a problem anymore and you will figure it all out with absolutely no hassle.

4. Sections on transportation

You can travel across Russian by trains or by air. It’s very easy to catch a train to a destination that you need, while air travel gives you a chance to move fast across wide swaths of the area.

When in Moscow, you can swoosh from one place to another, using the majestic underground system that stitches this humongous city together.

5. City parks and estates

In addition to theaters, the museums and the Kremlin, city parks in Moscow are a definite must for any foreigner. You can visit Tsaritsyno Park or VDNKha, Gorky Park or Kolomenskoye. All of these choices will help you learn about the history and culture, while staying in the open air.

6. Museums

Here, you will find a detailed low-down on the major museums, galleries and exhibitions in Moscow. The most famous ones are the History Museum and the Tretyakov Gallery. For those, who love arts and history, these will help you marvel at the painting in various styles from the ancient icons to the XXth-century cubism masterpieces, while also learning about the history of this great land – from mammoths to Lenin.

7. History and architecture

The architecture in Russia, and in Moscow, in particular, is an eclectic mix of the buildings coming to us from different centuries.

If you come to this great city during the summer time, the best decision that you can make is renting a bike just for a couple of bucks and riding through the city, marveling at the architecture that you see. In this way, you will stay engaged and not bored with a myriad of useless trivia.



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