What Are Some Highly Rated Natural Organic Skin Care Products?

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The fascination with skin care and premium that society places on women looking young even as they age has provided a never before seen boom to the skin care industry. The boom in skin care products for aging skin has never been seen before.


Why Organic Products?


Of course, this also means that you hear on an everyday basis the ugly side effects of these products. Harsh and untested chemicals cause the skin to become dry and lifeless. The newer booming industry of natural organic skin care products aims to address this problem.


· No harsh chemicals, only plant based ingredients


· No hidden ingredients


· Natural and time-tested ways to improve skin luster


Recent Scientific Advances


An unlikely success story has been that of the sheep placenta face cream. These contain real placenta from cattle or sheep. A majority of these creams originate from Australia where sheep placenta is used specifically.


· The placenta is a life giver to the fetus while it is in the mother's womb. It is supposed to have miraculous life-giving elements.


· If used topically, it is proven to help skin get a more youthful appearance.


Be Aware of The Drawbacks


· Placenta creams are only proven to work topically (i.e. when applied in the form of cream).


· There are many therapies that suggest injections of placenta which are known to have severe side effects like gangrene and even death.


Do not get pulled into such solutions which promise overnight miracles.


Organic Anti-Aging Options


Advancements in skin care anti aging products suggest the use of various oils as an organic alternative to chemical based creams.


· Coconut oil - Easily absorbed into the skin, this oil delays wrinkles and the onset of sagging skin.


· Olive oil - Anti-inflammatory properties mean this oil is ideal for the sensitive or acne prone skin.


· Apricot oil - This oil helps balance the natural moisture of the skin and helps to rejuvenate it.


· Geranium oil - This oil tightens skin and reduces sagging. It also has antibacterial properties.


You should go online and look up the top ten anti aging creams that use these ingredients.

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