What Is IPL Hair Removal In Adelaide?

It is beneficial to get the IPL hair removal Adelaide services because it is less painful and less time taking process. Instead of repeated waxing and shaving from the expensive parlour, it is advisable to go for the laser treatment of hairs.

Intense pulse light (IPL) is the modern technique used by the Cosmo or plastic dermatologists for some skin healing treatments including removal of unwanted hair from the body for example skin pigmentation and diseases caused by the sun rays. To perform the treatment a flashgun is used which is controlled by a computer, through the device, an intense light is delivered to the affected area to destroy the hair growth.

IPL hair removal in Adelaide is the process in which the device passes an intense light which targets the particular structure like hair melanin that is destructed by the heat of the instrument and body quickly reabsorbs the light. The IPL and laser treatments are almost similar in nature, but lasers work on a single wavelength which affects only one chromophore whereas IPL operates in a broader spectrum. The optimum use of the IPL tools can be achieved when the experienced technician is capable of selecting the correct filter to match the particular chromophore.


IPL helps in removing the hair permanently which are very darker and harder in nature. Some of the devices used for IPL treatment are E-light and M-light whereas laser treatments use monochromatic lights for skin hair removal. Men and women both are into the practice of hair removal from the body which gives an ugly look. Initially, women were only candidates for treating their unwanted hairs from the exposed parts of the body like face, hands, legs and underarm areas. But now it is noticed that men are equally participating in this race of getting their hairs removed from their body for example chest shaving for the body builders.


IPL hair removal in Adelaide is the treatment, where a pre-counselling is arranged for the clients to brief them about the process and the type of devices used and the amount of time taken for the process. This counselling helps in calming down the anxiety hormones of the patients and makes them comfortable before the surgery. The surgery is completely painless and efficient to destroy the unwanted hairs in one or two sittings, depends upon the coarseness or colour pigment of the hair. After the treatment, the medications are instantly applied to the affected area which helps in cooling the sensation occurring post -surgery.

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It is beneficial to get the IPL hair removal Adelaide services because it is less painful and less time taking process.

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