What Makes a Good Custom Roof Rack?

Vehicle Accessories is the preeminent discount dealer for Roof Racks and Roof Rack accessories.

What is a Roof Rack? Simply put, Roof Racks are bars you install across the roof of your vehicle to help you carry extra and/or large items. Such leaves more room in your car for more items and additional passengers, as well as extra leg room.

The first designs came out in the 1960s. They were practical, but unsightly and bulky and did not match or move along smoothly with the vehicle. As time passed, as people developed a love for outdoor sports and extended trips, specific manufacturers emerged to update designs and accommodate the demand.

Carmakers, too, began producing vehicles with parts that anticipated the installation of a Roof Rack. Today, Roof Racks are very popular. That’s because mostly everyone these days enjoys spending time with their family, in the beautiful outdoors, bike riding, kayaking, and/or just picnicking leisurely.

A simple roof rack, with the extra room it preserves inside the vehicle, makes it all so easy. How to Choose a Roof Rack Begin by knowing which Roof Rack will fit the make and model of your vehicle. You can usually determine this by reviewing the owner’s manual, contacting the manufacturer, and/or conducting Internet Research (or see information about Vehicle Accessories below). This is important. You want the roof rack to fit snugly and securely. An insecure roof rack, especially one holding large gear, is a safety hazard to you and everyone around you.

Then, you need to consider what it is you want to carry. Some are specific and some are universal. And, don’t worry. There’s a Roof Rack for every vehicle, from a four-cylinder hatchback up to an all-wheel-drive SUV. There are small Roof Racks that can take on up to four kayaks and bikes and surfboards and even a few bikes. Or perhaps you’re into camping - attach a tent and some fishing gear. Or maybe you ski. Or, maybe you chop wood for the fireplace – yes, a roof rack can carry firewood, too.

The possibilities are endless. Vehicle Accessories Vehicle Accessories is the preeminent discount dealer for Roof Racks and Roof Rack accessories.

It carries Roof Racks from the following leading manufacturers: • Rhino • Rola Roof Racks • Yakima • Whispbar • Prorack Roof Racks • Thule Roof Racks Vehicle Accessories makes selecting a Car Accessories Online so easy. It has an online Roof Rack Guide that lists the makes and models of most vehicles and then links them to the appropriate Roof Rack. Or, you can use its online form to submit your inquiry and you will receive a response within twenty-four hours. Vehicle Accessories also carries your entire tow bar, caravans, 4WD equipment, tradesman, van, ute, and needs at the best possible price.

Just imagine all the fun you could be having with a Rhino Vortex Roof Rack. Start by visiting Vehicle Accessories.

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