What to Do After Rehab-Follow Three Basic Rules for Addiction Recovery

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Being able to finish a rehab program is already one big step to a lifelong recovery. People can go ahead and celebrate if they wish but note that the process is not over. Once out of the rehab and back to the world, people need to continue with their newly acquired habits because relapse can always happen and before you know it, you are back to your old ways. It helps to be aware of the fact that no one is 100% “cured” right after they have finished rehab. While some may be confident they would not fall into addiction again, it can still definitely help to know how to prevent any sort of relapse especially when the first signs of it are shown unknowingly.

Make Goals

Coming out of California drug and alcohol rehab centers, the first step people need to do to continue their success is to create goals. It might be difficult but the success they had with the rehab program should serve as the springboard towards total freedom from addiction. Thus, they have to create goals in the same manner the first time they decided to come clean from addiction.(addiction treatment in Sacramento) Presumably, when they are successful with their program, they can also be successful in making their goals. The goal can be anything they value be it work-related, family-related, and maybe even self-related. Prepare as well to make a list of sub-goals or steps to achieve it.

Avoid stress

One of the major triggers of relapse is stress. That trigger depends on what causes stress to the person. If it can be avoided, do so unless there is no other choice. Stress is usually the reaction when something unfortunate happens. However, there is always the bright side of things no matter how bad the situation seems.

Taking yoga classes can help. Even taking an hour at most to meditate and just relax will help people reassess their day. Getting a massage can also help release the tension in the muscles and to help feel more relieved as well. If neither is unavailable for whatever reason, taking a walk can help do the trick. Lastly, if the person has not the time to take a walk, they can try doing a mental countdown and imagine their “happy place.”

Socialize and Make Good Friends

Some people may have had success during their time in rehab because of the friends they have made. There is no stopping them from doing the same after rehab. They can even catch up and regularly hang out with the friends they have made in rehab. Not only will this help the person but also help the friend to keep each other’s progress in check.

Making new friends is always an option as well especially for those who came from private room drug detox in Sacramento. People should also choose the kinds of friends that will help them become better. Otherwise, are they really even friends?

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