When Brain Injury Victims Need PI Attorneys in Fort Lauderdale

Whether in an auto accident or slip and fall, victims can sustain lifelong brain injuries. In severe cases, it could lead to seizures and other permanent medical issues or death.

Sometimes, this can be caused by serious negligence. Other times, it could be a simple accident or negligence on the part of the victim. 


Always work closely with doctors to treat your injuries. If you believe negligence was involved, call personal injury lawyers. We can explore the circumstances of your case and injuries. We look at the short and long-term effects. Some patients may fully recover with the right care. This includes brain injuries that were caused by improper medical care.


With any brain injury, it never hurts to talk to personal injury lawyers. You can schedule a consultation for you or loved ones. If lawyers can find negligence, you then decide if you’re ready to move forward with a personal injury case. Attorneys can assess the strength of your case. With medical and other records, we can also estimate the settlement you might expect going in. 


PI Attorneys in Fort Lauderdale Can Do the Research

One of the most common concerns among brain injury patients is the work involved. This is why you call PI attorneys. You can get an objective assessment of your case and determine if it’s worth the time you’ll spend. You’re not an expert in brain injuries or personal injury law. This is why attorneys spend years helping clients like you.


It’s not unheard of for clients not to know they can or should file a claim. If you’ve suffered a recent brain injury, the first thing we look at is negligence. It could be something obvious like a drunk driver who hit you causing the injury. It could also be something seemingly benign while you’re shopping at a grocery store. Particularly with brain injuries, you may not immediately notice the full effects. 


Depending on the injury, you might feel fine or only mildly injured. Doctors may need to schedule you for MRIs and other tests. Symptoms like migraines may not seem serious at first. They could impact your income and professional opportunities.


Personal injury lawyers do the research to measure all your injuries and the negligence. Even if your full symptoms don’t show up for a few months, you’ll be prepared to deal with the medical costs and lost income. Any personal injury cases come up against strict deadlines. You have to file within a limited period. Talking to PI attorneys immediately after the accident helps you meet these key deadlines.


How Do Brain Injuries Happen?

Brain injuries are more common than you might think. One example would be NFL players who have recently worked with PI attorneys. Repeated concussions caused serious lifelong disabilities in some players. Players posited the NFL did not provide adequate treatment or warnings. These injuries could also affect high school and other school aged players. Brain injuries can also come from more common accidents.

?Car Accidents: Car accidents happen every day, and not all result in brain injuries. Even seemingly minor head trauma could result in brain injuries. If not properly treated, these injuries can become much more severe. 

?Falls at Work: Any slip and fall can occur at work. If you’re on a construction or other work site, your injuries might be covered by workers compensation. Falls in public places can be the result of negligence. Both business and property owners can be held liable depending on the circumstances. Even if you work a desk job, a brain injury could make it impossible for you to hold a regular job.

?Medical Negligence: Your brain could be temporarily lose oxygen during surgery. Other medical injuries could be associated with the physical trauma most people would think of. If this occurred due to medical negligence, personal injury lawyers can help you start the investigation process.

If you need help filing your brain injury suit, always call PI attorneys in Fort Lauderdale. We can help you file and pursue your case both in and out of court. To get started with your suit today, click here.


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