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African Shea Butter is an all natural, pure moisturizer for dry or sensitive skin. Shea butter is your skins best friend. Order the finest skincare product on our website.

9th may 2017: You all know that shea butter is actually good for your hair and skin care.  You may use this as a hair protectant and natural sunscreen as there is a low amount of SPF. This is extremely helpful to protect your hair from UV ray of the sun. Shea butter protects the hair by preventing damage which is caused by the chemical hair treatments, straighteners, blow dryers and other tools. If you are habituated to go to the swimming pool then the chlorine and the salt can damage your hair. Shea butter can protect your hair from this. The shea butter can not only glow your skin and hair but it can damage your hair permanently if it is artificial. So when you are buying the shea butter then you should be very conscious about the purity of it.

Many shops may be available in your locality who sells the shea butter but you cannot get the same thing from all. So if you are in little tension about the purity of shea butter then you can get in touch with African fair Trade Society (http://www.africanfairtradesociety.com/) You can buy 100 percent raw and unrefined organic shea butter from this company. This company is in this trade through many years and has gained a lot of success for its organic products. They sell the highest quality of beauty products in a few bucks. Their West African 100 percent pure shea butter (http://www.africanfairtradesociety.com/shea-butter/shea-butter-faq/)will provide you the maximum benefit that produces an amazing result for restoring or healing skin. You need not worry when you are buying products from this company because they sell the 100 percent pure and scented version.

African Fair Trade Society (http://www.africanfairtradesociety.com/) imports Shea butter from Senegal, Daketeli, Ghana, and Canada. Then the Shea butter are used to produce shampoo, skin lotion, soaps etc. After completing a beautiful packaging these products are then marketed throughout Ontario, Manitoba, British Columbia etc via local community programs, trade shows etc. Their products are produced in an effective manner. All of the products are cold pressed with no chemicals. Mineral oil is added to this product.  The main benefit of this company is the online delivery process is available. It will not only save your money but also save your time. 

This shea butter company uses the profit to develop the impoverished communities in Western Africa and establish the channel of micro-aid to small. They distribute money without privilege and patronage any sector or group within the village. Their main aim is to invest their profit in health and educational infrastructure of the rural villages. Currently, they are working with the Daketali village in southeastern Senegal. 

Though this company is based in Africa but you can order your products from any other part of the world. The online delivery system can assure you about the proper timing and proper cost. You can get your requirements easily at your convenient place due to the awesome services of this company. The workers in this company are trained and experienced in this field. So, for knowing the complete list of stored products you have to visit the stores section of the website.


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May 29, 2017