Why You Need Professional Mobility Scooter Repairs in Columbia

The Census Bureau says 1 in 5 people in the United States is disabled. This probably means many of them own a power scooter or wheelchair to get around.

The Census Bureau says 1 in 5 people in the United States is disabled. This probably means many of them own a power scooter or wheelchair to get around. While this equipment provides immeasurable benefit, it can also be a source of frustration when it doesn’t work properly. The good news is, in many cases, the problems experienced are simply due to not knowing how to use the equipment correctly. Let’s look at some of the common issues users have and how to solve them yourself. Of course, if the problem goes beyond these simple fixes, calling for mobility scooter repairs in Columbia is your best bet.

Resolve Common Handicap medical Equipment Columbia, SC Problems Yourself
Many handicap medical equipment Columbia, SC includes features for safety and convenience, and to help you know when something isn’t working quite right. The best way to learn all about your mobility scooter’s bells and whistles is to read its owner’s manual. Having said that, here are a few common issues many users don’t realize are actually special features of the equipment.

Beep Codes
Many mobility scooters are designed to emit beep codes when something isn’t working properly. They let you know exactly what the issue is, if you know how to understand them. You can usually find a beep code chart inside the owner’s manual. If your scooter is beeping strangely, and  you aren’t sure what it means, you can always get help from the mobility scooter store in Columbia, SC from where you purchased the equipment.

Free-Wheel Lever
Some power scooters and wheelchairs are equipped with a wheel-locking feature that allows them to be used manually. Should the battery go dead, or you simply wish to move the chair/scooter manually, you can do so if the free-wheel lever is unlocked. Before the equipment will function under power again, however, the free-wheel lever must be placed in the locked position.

Joystick Lock
A convenient feature, the joystick lock prevents a mobility scooter from moving should the joystick be accidentally triggered. This is especially handy when eating or drinking to avoid spills . You usually engage or disengage this feature by entering a sequence of button presses, of which, should be explained in the owner’s manual.

Mobility Scooter Repairs in Columbia, SC
If your mobility equipment problems go beyond the simple fixes we’ve talked about here, give us a call for mobility scooter repairs in Columbia, SC. With over ten years’ experience in the DME industry, we can fix your power scooter or wheelchair quickly.


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