Why End Users Have Reasons To Opt For Cold Storage Facilities Extended By Transkold

Transkold happens to be on the forefront of cold storage service, facilitating storage, packaging and transportation of products that require preservation and maintenance under controlled temperature.

Stanmore, UK, 27-08-2014 The facility which is located centrally is not only the largest but the best distributor of foodstuffs and other commodities which require controlled preservation and cold storage. First and foremost, users have the facility within their arms’ reach. Secondly, it is well equipped with cross docking measures and other relevant amenities. As one of the largest service providers within and around London, the facility includes as many as two-thousand and two hundred pallets for cold storage. Similarly, users can avail of two hundred pallets for chill storage.

Industry dealing with food and beverages needs to bank on cold as well as chill storage. The different owners and entrepreneurs of the said industry are in need for a well facilitated official hub. They can make use of the same for basing and expanding their work operations. Transkold has added to the deals and dimension of the food and beverage industry by providing owners and users with the necessary space.

Distribution and transportation of frozen edibles and other similar stuffs are no less important than preserving. All these aspects are optimally spearheaded and channelized by Transkold. The facility provides end users with repacking and repackaging facilities. Similarly, there are options for refrigerated transport, dislocation and distribution. The warehouse is not only computerized, but also chipped up with the latest digital facilities.

It is fully loaded with blast freezer facilities. There are occasions when frozen goods and tinned edibles are in need for tempering. In this respect also, the facility takes the lead and provides users with optimal conditions for tempering. Transportation is channelized through the dock bays. There are five outlets to come by and each of this option is used over a time period of twelve hours. This is done on a regular basis.

To go by one of the promising entrepreneurs of the food and beverage industry: “Transkold’s centralized location and top class conditions of refrigeration and storage are worth looking forward to. Its flexibility, excellent warehouse, temperature maneuvering system and neat lay of distribution has gone a long way towards boosting the players of the respective industry.

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End users should know what makes Transkold stand tall and unique in the deal of storage, chilled preservation, refrigerated transport, blast freezer and tempering. Every single aspect of cold storage repacking transportation and distribution is managed wi

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Aug 27, 2014