Wide Variety Of Diagnostic Kits Available At Vetlab Supplies Ltd

Vetlab Supplies Ltd has been selling and specialising in veterinary diagnostic kits for more than 30 years now.

Vetlab Supplies Ltd (vetlabsupplies.co.uk), a supplier of excellent veterinary instruments, is proud to present their wide collection of diagnostic kits for sale.


Vetlab Supplies Ltd has been selling and specialising in veterinary diagnostic kits for more than 30 years now. This has allowed them to provide unparalleled products and services to everyone. Vetlab Supplies Ltd is a proud supplier of MegaCor Diagnostik FASTest kits. Most of these kits work on the immunochromatographic or lateral flow principle. The kits can also be stored conveniently at a room temperature in order to have a longer shelf life. The FASTest veterinary diagnostic test kits offered by Vatlab Supplies Ltd can be bought directly from them or through a wholesaler.


One of the best-selling diagnostic kits offered by Vetlab Supplies Ltd is the ACT-VETube-Activated Clotting Time. This kit is used to get blood samples from dogs or cats to measure their Activated Clotting Time. By using this, the veterinarian can detect all coagulopathies in a person’s pet. This kit is simple and easy to use, provides reliable results all the time, and has a long shelf life of 18 months. The ACT-VETube- Activated Clotting Time is available for only £59.00 (ex VAT) complete with ten sample tubes coated with Diatomaceous earth.


Another one of their most popular diagnostic kits is the FASTest BCV Strip. This kit tests the faeces sample of calves in order to detect if they have Bovine Coronavirus. This infection commonly causes gastroenteritis and neonatal diarrhoea. The FASTest BCV Strip is available for only £55.00 (ex VAT) complete with ten tests.


In order to make sure that their customers can use their products effectively, Vetlab Supplies Ltd provides downloadable copies of instructions for each item. They are also offering a dependable customer support to everyone. According to them, “We also have our own laboratory and offer a full and free of charge support service for all of our clients that use our veterinary diagnostic test kits”.


It must be noted that Vetlab Supplies Ltd holds the rights to the prices mentioned in this article and can change them even without prior notice.


Aside from diagnostic kits, Vetlab Supplies Ltd also offers other veterinary items such as centrifuges, microscopes, consumable materials, and many more. To see their complete list of available items, log on to their website at vetlabsupplies.co.uk.


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Vetlab Supplies Ltd is a supplier of different kinds of veterinary instruments and laboratory consumables in the United Kingdom. They have provided high-quality products to veterinary clinics and diagnostic laboratories. If you are interested in purchasing their products, there are various ways to get in touch with this company. You can talk to one of their representatives by calling 01798 874567. Alternatively, you can send your written questions, comments, and suggestions to their email address, info@vetlabsupplies.co.uk or accomplish the contact form at http://vetlabsupplies.co.uk/contact-us/.

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Vetlab Supplies Ltd supplies veterinary consumables and diagnostics to veterinary practices.

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May 18, 2017