Windshield Maintenance According to the Windshield Repair Specialist in Southern New Jersey

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Windshields are damaged for several reasons including a gravel-sized object that hit it. However, lack of maintenance can also lead to the damage. Windshield repair and replacement are costly. To avoid such scenarios, you need to ensure that you're maintaining your windshield.

 In this article, you'll learn how a specialist maintains a windshield.


Clean it - Ensure that you clean the windshield regularly. Wash it using a high-quality cleaner intended for windshields. Don't use household products and detergents.

Use a microfiber cloth to avoid scratches and to leave the windshield (windsheild replacement in Southern NJ) free of moisture and dust. Don’t use sponges because it can scratch the glass. Don’t go with towels as well because it’s too smooth to clean the dust and dirt.


When you wash the windshield, opt to clean it in the morning when the sun is not yet too hot and bright.

Right chemicals - If you want to remove the stickers on your windshield use a WD-40. Don't use any sharp materials in removing it. You may not have a cracked windshield but the scratches can be annoying to the driver -- even to the passenger. You also need to avoid ammonia or any chemical that contains ammonia. Wipers (clean and replace) - Ensure that you clean the wipers often to avoid the accumulation of dust that can affect the quality of the windshield. If the wiper is old, replace it.

Now that you know how to maintain a windshield, you need to prepare yourself for the possible cracks and fissures. Because such event happens and you can't control it. However, you need to avoid the practices listed below that may lead to further damage to your windshield.

Adhesives – There are different types of adhesives. You may be tempted to use it when your windshield breaks. The most common adhesives include tapes and super glue. Unfortunately, they don’t solve the problem. Even you’re using a duct tape and a stronghold super glue, the windshield will only create fissures especially when it’s exposed to wind and water.

Instead, go to a professional repair company to solve the problem.

Special band-aids – You may see it on TV but it doesn’t work. You really need to hire a professional repair company to repair the broken windshield. Remember, you don’t want to replace your windshield. So, you must not add anything that can lead to the severity of the damage. Nail polish – Oh no! Some people believe that a nail polish can make a glass strong – so with the windshield. But that’s not true and will never be true. If you believe in the myth, you need to change your view. The nail polish can be washed away during extreme weather condition and it will not do anything good with the windshield.

The myths stated above are the usual practices that you must not follow. Always think about your safety over the cost of the repair or replacement. Don’t constrict your budget. Get the right service you need. 

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