Wordpress Continues Its Evolutionary Value for Online Business

Wordpress continues its legacy as one of the original products of the internet. By adopting to consistent upgrades, the open source CMS keeps performing in a rapidly changing web world. Only the best innovative wordpress development services.

In retrospect, the evolution of internet over all these years has been nothing short of phenomenal. As an ardent user of this medium since its inception, this reporter has had the scope to develop umpteen numbers of tech reviews. A symbolic metaphor of the twenty first century, the internet really began to become known by the turn of year 2000. Although by then, the use of computers for common use was prevalent, yet it was not so much of a mandatory requirement for everyone. 

There was the scare of the Y2K bug, which supposedly could overrun all dated digital documents to zeroes. Sixteen years later, the idea seems weird, but it was real back then. Even within this confusion, the concept of having mail ids and blogs were fast gaining speed. It was about this time, in 2001, this correspondent first heard of ‘wordpress’. 

One of the first Content Management Systems of the web world, WP continues to retain its crucial relevance today. Many of the happening trends from that time have become virtual relics by now. There was no sign of Facebook (estd. 2004) in the horizon, and Orkut was rather popular. Things such as touch screen and social media was still in the realms of science fiction. However, Wordpress survived. After the preliminary reporting in 2001, the Open Source Codex started its journey officially from 2003. As people realized that they need a website to harvest the benefits of the internet, the CMS platform continued to grow. 

Being an open source project, and an easy to use one, its validity continues to be enriched by literally millions of wordpress development services in the market. The platform has been hosting some of the top performing sites on the net. Being primarily a blogging platform, it has always been the perfect choice for content rich websites. Sites such as Angry Birds (one of the legendary games of old times), Canada.com, The San Francisco Examiner, and The Herald Sun are hugely successful WP enterprises. In fact, official data accounts 18% of all websites to be made on WP. It continues to be a recommended and a popular choice for soon-to-be webmasters. One can easily type a similar query over Google, and verify this easily. Among the various benefits of WP include, light coding, ready reputation, granular analytics, and unlimited design flexibility. 

The aforementioned Google search also revealed that there are literally millions of development companies out there. This presents a crucial question as to how can a customer find the best wordpress development company. This reporter got in touch with one of the leading services in India. The company executive was very supportive in explaining the various aspects. “Clients look for uniqueness in their online presence. Besides regular fresh projects, our service also frequently undertakes old WP site redesigns. An experienced coder has access to a limitless array of tools to design just about anything demanded by the client without much hassle. Existing sites should also focus on regular upgrades just to retain their position on the Google radar with a keen focus on improvement.” It was clear that quality and innovation matters the most. For more details visit at http://magnetoitsolutions.com/wordpress-development/

Disclaimer: This correspondent does not have any obligation, financial, legal, or otherwise with the online services mentioned here. All information provided here only serve the purpose to prove the validity of the report. 

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Jan 16, 2017