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Injuries happen in life and if you are a state employee or a private worker, getting treatment and compensation is a number one priority.

Injuries happen in life and if you are a state employee or a private worker, getting treatment and compensation is a number one priority. For Arizona Injury Medical Associates ( championing for workers compensation is the lifeline of the company and their dream is in seeing patients get their full compensation or recover fully from injuries. The firm is a well organized and structured team of professional doctors whose job is to treat and care for officers injured while on duty or non-federal workers in several States across USA.

Arizona Injury Medical Associates or AIMA are trained to give medical help to certain kind of individuals. They treat or represent federal injured workers like FBI agents, border patrol offices or any other State worker like Postal Officials. Additionally, they also treat injured workers for private companies and also any victim involved in an accident and is seeking compensation. With a large number of staff and equipment capacity, AIMA has managed to spread its tentacles to several States namely Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, California, Rhode Island and Alaska.

What Kind of Services does AIMA Offer?

The main line of work for AIMA officials is in spearheading claims for Federal workers compensation. On the other hand, they also do medical evaluations like administering medical treatment as well as handling worker ratings for their clients.

On a broader view, what really happens in their medical center is offering ideal pain management after injury, run electrodiagnostic studies on patients (like EMG and NCV), evaluate the disability of patients to determine their capability to resume work, calculate impairment ratings and deciding whether a federal agent requires retirement after injury. The other line of work is in handling cases that aren’t too serious to require surgical attention; back, neck or shoulder pain management; relieving pain from entrapment or injuries; help alleviate chronic pain due to bursitis, arthritis or tendonitis, spinal care for injury victims or numbness to any body part after a slight or major injury.

Sometimes the attention needed is not only medical but also compensation for injuries acquired while in duty as a federal agent or State Worker. AIMA ( works with several clients to help them get their full compensations by offering accurate medical report as proof of injuries sustained during work and also give patients the medical backing to receive complete remuneration for injuries. If a federal worker is required to officially resign from duty after injuries, AIMA will be the people to help in getting a reasonable retirement package.

About Arizona Injury Medical Associates -

This is a team of trained medical personnel who handle cases involving injuries to federal workers and also help in laying compensation claims. Their MD, Dr Demitri A Adarmes, is both a trained Internist and Physiatrist. He specializes in internal and physical medicine and also practices therapy procedures like Acupuncture. Together with a great working team, he is able to fulfill his dream of getting people to achieve their highest level of function after an injury incident.



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As an industrial medicine and personal injury practice, AIMA not only treats state injured workers and accident victims, but also federal injured workers.

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Jul 23, 2014

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