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Innovative and Inspiring

SoloStream, a leader in theme development has released a new, innovative yet simple, professional theme to add to its vault of professional themes. WP-Visual is a theme that has a range of features including:

- Panoramic Main Post / Featured Post Slider Widgets
- Enhanced Visual Presentation Design Layout Options
- Optional Banner Advertisements
- Various Menu Options
- Article and Blog Post Navigation Tools- Featured Post Options

Take a look at this progressively designed theme and see why it stands out from the competition with its color formats and visual organization options. The demo can be viewed at: http://www.solostream.com/wordpress-themes/wp-visual

Some of the reasons this theme is more attractive than other professional themes is because of its cohesive and simplistic design. Brilliant by design, the blogger or business owner can setup their site without having to jump through hoops to make their site intuitive since the WP-Visual has already taken the natural elements of style and design and blended them into this dynamic site.

As you will see from the demo – this is more than just a clean looking theme, it is a collection of elements offered by SoloStream to provide a range of elements so any site, whether personal or business, can look clean, intuitive, and professional. With this theme, the priority is given to visual elements, hence its name “WP-Visual” and caters to a more visual audience. SoloStream has taken into consideration that more and more website viewers are looking for a “visual web experience” and this new theme is a great combination of visual elements and textual design. The top slider widget offers viewers a direct connection to the sites via the slider options, and engages them right off the bat, but leaves plenty of navigation options open with its interconnected visual display of posts, ads, widgets, and more.

One of the most amazing elements of the WP-Visual Theme is its ability to shakeup the modern concepts of what a premium theme is. It does this by providing a layout that is more sophisticated and brilliant because it is not as grid-like and static like the majority of other themes on the web. WP-Visual uses a non-static, multiple grid layout that is excellent for News, Business, Blogs, and almost any other type of website so pictures, articles, and the menu options can be explored in a range of methods for each site.

For example, below the main panoramic slider widget is a box of three menu items, or topics that the user can specify. This three-box style fits perfectly with the remaining layout as it diversifies the viewing experience using a funnel-style system all the way from the top panoramic to the footer at the bottom. Moving away from the simple one and two column style themes, this new truncated theme breaks down barriers to traditional design and offers endless capability for original, creative, and innovative webpages. Try this theme today, or buy it and be one of the first to get WP-Visual.

About Us:

SoloStream is an established WordPress premium theme provider that has been serving thousands of customers since 2007. The company currently offers 36 GPL license premium themes as well as a collection of free themes that are used on thousands of web sites and blogs around the world.

And, with innovative technology and dedication to customer feedback, the company has designed a theme that addresses different kinds of design needs. To know more about this brand new theme, and start using it, visit http://www.solostream.com/wordpress-themes/wp-visual/

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Sep 16, 2014

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