Yacon Syrup Discovered To Have Various Health Benefits

Yacon Syrup May Aid Relieve Diabetes and Weight Loss

Orlando, Florida – For so many years, people have been looking for various alternative to the traditional sugar in order to stay fit and healthy. Such alternatives include Coconut sugar, Xylitol, Honey, Maple Syrup and Fruit juice. However, just recently a new alternative has been discovered, Yacon Syrup. Yacon Syrup is an extract from the Yacon plant which is commonly found in the Andes Mountains. Traditionally, it has been used by the native Incas in various native delicacies. In Peru, people eat Yacon due to its various nutritional properties. What makes it a great alternative to sugar is that it has fewer calories and lower sugar levels. In Bolivia, it has been known to eaten by people with diabetes and renal problems.

Yacon Syrup contains 50% of fructooligosaccharides (FOS). It has been said that using it can help in reducing blood glucose according to numerous researches. Many health experts also said that it could help in weight loss. In a double-blind, placebo-controlled research, it was found out that women who used Yacon Syrup lost about 33 pounds or 15 kilograms in average. Aside from that, the researchers also observed the reduction in their waist circumference of up to 3.9 inches. Other results include reduction of Body Mass Index (BMI) from 34 to 28, a drop in insulin resistance down to 67%, a reduction of fasting insulin levels down to 42% and an increase in stool frequency from 0.28 per day to 0.99 per day which can greatly help relieve constipation.

Various researches gave rise to tons of Yacon Syrup products today. One of the most popular ones is Choice Nutrition Supplements’ 100% Pure Yacon Syrup . It is 100% pure and gluten free. It has been found out that it could promote natural weight loss and can act as an effective appetite suppressant. It is also high in FOS and low in calorie. Furthermore, it is exclusively manufactured in the United States in a FDA inspected and GMP certified facility thereby assuring you that it is of high quality and safe to use.

“I have been using this Yacon Syrup for about a week. I really like the taste. I take a teaspoon before each meal. It really does help to suppress my appetite. I have lost a total of 3 lbs.so far. I will continue to take this product and would recommend it.” – Teresa Stevens, Yacon Syrup User

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Yacon Syrup May Aid Relieve Diabetes and Weight Loss

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Sep 07, 2014

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